Kaution – Playing Hardcore (from upcoming EP):online poker affiliate

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My newest track for my upcoming EP.. comment rate and subscribe guys.. let me know what u think… Beat by Tantu Beats… Lyrics: ________________________________ these little kiddies dunno how to break me silly they spit inferior lyrics and think that theyr the shit listen to this im in a menagerie of harmless insolent lyricists spittin equivalent to xerostomic idiots im an affiliate of feeling it and doing it right hype up when im live real talent has arrived arise try to touch sky mimic if u like these lyrics that i write please feel it in your minds i got money where my skills are mouth where my mind is 8 years of rhyming and im still wearing blinders i wana find it the real meaning of my life is writing and fighting for the stage to provide it and rhyme mightily fill em with inhibition nightly kaution performin audibly awesome scores widely whats now a dream one day it might be seen kaution recording emcee _________________________ sing it live sing it raw all out like a strippers tits but all in like a card sharks poker chips hit the literature to bring em in im pied piper and your the rats come to see what i can rhyme i try to elevate every day roll up and demonstrate my lyrical ability to spit it vividly never inhibited to hit it binging quicker syllables miniature inhalation intervals sinister individual i be reppin the raw poerty aussie pedigree’s purebred and born emcee’s obese, elephant tracks and big V showin what it means to a part of aussie hip-hop the poker affiliate network

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