April PAS Exclusive Promotions

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Friday 29 March 2013 9:58 pm

Below you can find the exclusive promotions offered by PAS during the month of April.

As has been the case for the last few months, the Titan Poker “Gold Bar” promotion is continuing indefinitely and we highly encourage you to promote this offer to your members for its high return.

For a “sticky” reference of this guide, you can also access the Promotion page. Both sources will be updated throughout the month. You may also find banners and html to use with your exclusive promotion marketing.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. You may also add comments to this post, and we will respond to as quickly as we can.

April Promotions

Rake Races ($ 166,000)
Interpoker €16,000 Rake Race
Cake Poker/Juicy Stakes $ 60,000 Rake Race (4 x $ 15,000)
Carbon Poker: $ 10,000 Rake Race
Aced: $ 10,000 Rake Race
Poker Heaven €5,000 Rake Race — Players must opt-in to the PlayerZone. (Pending)
Muchos Poker (Boss) €5,000 Rake Race — Players must opt-in to the PlayerZone. (Pending)

Rake Chases ($ 22,000)
Poker World – $ 10K Rake Chase

Points Races ($ 11,500)
Red Kings: $ 7,500 Points Race (2x $ 3,750 Races)
Betsafe – Red: $ 4,000 Points Race.

There are no exclusive freerolls running this month.

Titan Poker: The Gold Bars Promo **NEW** (More info)

Net changes
Removed Fortune Poker due to closure of poker room.

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Getting Started with PAS: Familiarize Yourself with the Publisher Admin

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Wednesday 27 March 2013 11:01 pm

In our first post on getting started with PAS, we went over the basics of creating an affiliate site through PAS and the minimal setup that is required. After establishing your website, chances are you are going to want to do a fair amount of personalization. Fortunately, this can be done in what is probably the most under-utilized aspect of PAS- the PAS admin. This post will focus on this topic and hopefully help familiarize you with the basics of this very useful and powerful engine.

After logging in, you will see the top navigational menu. There are many features within this menu, which we will go over in this post, tab by tab.


Every time you login to your publisher admin you will see the number of players that signed up this month and last month. You will also see the number of trackers created and your monthly stats. You may click any of these items to see more details. The member link will show you player information of those that signed up. The tracker link will show you the actual player accounts created. If you click on the stats link that displays dollars and cents then you will see a detailed list of your poker room stats for that month. This will include the account name, rakeback paid, and most importantly your commission.

There are five options under stats. These are Rakeback Stats, Revenue Share Stats, CPA Stats, Click Stats and Export Data.

Rakeback Stats – These are a room by room detailed listing of your rakeback stats. Publishers may choose different date ranges for their search. You can filter your stats by poker room, tracker or even country.

Revenue Stats – Similar to Rakeback Stats, Revenue Stats show stats for your non-rakeback offers that pay publishers a commission of total net rake generated.

CPA Stats – CPA is a onetime payment for a player that deposits and reaches a certain rake or point threshold. The number of qualified players may be found here. Please note that only established publishers may offer CPA through PAS.

Click Stats – This shows the number of visitors that clicked on your offer during a certain period of time that you select.

Export Data – Publishers may download all stat data here.

Offer Management (CPA Offers, Rev Share Offers, Rakeback Offers)

If PAS offers a site that does not appear automatically when you create your website (mostly flat rakeback offers) then you will need to create a campaign for the additional offers you wish to promote. This is true for revenue share and all CPA offers. You may do this by clicking on the offer tabs located at the top of your publisher admin. Note that revenue-share offers can be promoted alongside standard rakeback deals; however, CPA offers generally must be done through static updates on your site (i.e. a banner).

CPA Offers and Revenue Share Offers

Publishers have three options under CPA Offers.

Request Offers – This is where a publisher may request a campaign to offer CPA or Revenue Share deals. Please note: CPA offers are only available to established publishers.

View Offers – This section lists the available offers that have already been approved by PAS. Affiliate links, rates and our large database of creatives may be found here.

View Stats – This is simply another area where stats may be found.

Rakeback Offers

This section is essentially for management of your website offers, those which are viewable on your website. The list of offers can include rakeback and revenue-share offers, although non-rakeback offers are generally listed (by design) in the bonus section of your website.

Rakeback Website Offers – This section allows publishers to add or reorder offers. The rates for rakeback offers may be found here as well.

Add Rakeback Website – Publishers may add an additional website to their profile in this section.

Rakeback Stats – This area lists all rakeback offers and associated stats.

Website Management and the CMS

Many successful publishers create their own content. PAS will provide you with standard content, but if you want to be recognized by Google then you will need to publish unique content. PAS offers a Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to make updates. Click Website Management and then choose Main CMS in your publisher admin. You may locate the page in the CMS by reading the URL that you wish to edit. For example, a page that ends with the URL rakeback/true-poker.html will be in the rakeback folder. After clicking the Rakeback folder, the page will be true-poker.html. Double click the page and make your edits. Standard HTML skills are required to make CMS updates. Images are also extremely easy to upload.

Website Summary – Lists all active websites a publisher owns that have been entered into the PAS system.

Main CMS – Publishers are provided with default content. This content may be edited in the CMS. Basic experience in HTML is a recommended in making edits on these pages. The CMS is quite powerful, making it almost impossible to explain in this short guide, although tutorials are available from this section with more information. Common tasks besides content creation/edits include uploading images, SEO and redirects.

Layouts – This is where the layout of your PAS site may be changed. There are 25 different combinations to choose. If you have a little bit more web experience, you want to look at some of our Rakeback Themes and Design Templates

Promotions – This section lists all current promotions and code needed to promote them.

News – Add news to your site here or opt in or out of the news provided by PAS.
Google Analytics – Google Analytics may be used on PAS sites. This is where you will find the help with installing this useful tool for SEO and traffic analysis.

Word Translations – Publishers may offer sites in different languages than English. This is where you may translate key words on your site into your language. No HTML knowledge is needed for this section.

Page Routing – An advanced feature that may be used to change the URL of a review page.

Geo-Targeted Offer Management – Toggle the offers to players in certain countries under this section. By default this is managed by PAS but you may edit

API – Needed to use elements of PAS software when hosting a site outside of PAS.

Member Management

In this section, publishers may research and find more information on their members. This includes searching for members based on signup date, stats and recent or past activity. Member groups may also be created to help sort players based on similar criteria. This helps publishers target their players for proper marketing. Note that this section is only useful for members who have submitted a tracker or those which tracker information is available.

Member Search – Members may be searched here using different criteria.

Member Trackers – Trackers that are used to track member’s poker room accounts may be searched here.

Groups – Create special groups to track your members using criteria that you set.

Smart Groups – An advanced feature of the Groups function.

Assistants – Publishers may give their employees and contractors access to their PAS account. This is important for designers, support and coders.

Export Member Emails – Exports a list of your members to a spreadsheet.


There are two types of referrals through PAS. One system allows players to refer other players to your PAS site. The referring players can then be credited with a percentage of the player’s net revenue. The percentages paid may be set in the member referral section. Referral payments may be turned off, but PAS feels this is a valuable asset to help sign up players.

PAS will pay you for referring other publishers. You will find more information about this in the publisher referral section

Member Referrals – Set the rates that your members will receive to refer other members to your site here. This commission comes out of your PAS pay but is a great way to draw new players to your site.
Publisher Referrals – Find creatives and stats on publishers that you refer to PAS.


Once you have generated revenue it is time to request a withdrawal from PAS. Payments are generally released on the 10th for the previous month’s play. Click Cashier in the top nav of your publisher admin and then choose your withdrawal option. You may choose between Moneybooker, Neteller, Carbon Poker, Cake Poker or Juicy Stakes transfers. The minimum withdrawal for these methods is just $ 20. Bank wires are also available with a $ 500 minimum withdrawal amount.

Cashout – This is where publishers choose the method for payment of their commissions.

Cashout History – Shows a list of cashouts requested in the past by date.

Payment History – Shows a history of payments that have been processed to you by PAS.


The support section is where communication between PAS and publishers occur. This is also where players in need of support will contact publishers and PAS. You may submit tickets to PAS or review your member’s support tickets in this section.

Notices – From time to time PAS will post important information about stats or payments.

Publisher Support – Publishers can send a support request directly to PAS here.

Member Support – If you wish to answer your own support or wish to review past tickets then you may do so here.

Canned Responses – Some member inquiries are repetitive. A response may be entered here to reply to frequently asked questions. Once entered, they will be sent to players with one click.

So there you have it — a rundown on the PAS admin. It is very powerful tool that any serious affiliate should familiarize themselves with to get the most out of PAS. In future posts, we will go over some of the more hidden and advanced features of the PAS engine.

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Is New Jersey a ‘Larger Opportunity’ Than Nevada?

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Wednesday 27 March 2013 11:00 pm

Boyd Gaming CEO, Keith Smith

Is the New Jersey online poker market a better deal for big operators than Nevada? That’s what Boyd Gaming CEO Keith Smith suggested in a recent interview with EGR Magazine.

Boyd pointed to Nevada’s relatively small population (less than 3 million) as one of the biggest challenges for online operators:

Clearly given the population in New Jersey, it’s a much larger state and therefore much larger opportunity…We’re assessing what makes sense to do and how it makes sense to roll out, so we don’t have as clear a direction in Nevada today, because of the different opportunities and the fact that they are smaller given the population of the state.

New Jersey definitely has the edge over Nevada when it comes to potential players. With more than 8 million residents, the Garden State is the nation’s 11th most populated state. Nevada ranks 31st by population.

While no one in Nevada is hitting the panic button just yet, officials have already taken steps to help increase the state’s player pool. Last month the Nevada State Legislature rushed approved an emergency measure allowing Governor Brian Sandoval to negotiate interstate gambling compacts, something NJ has been planning all along.

Clearly, the battle for US online poker supremacy is starting to heat up.

Which state do you think will offer up a better online poker market for affiliates? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Fortune Poker Closing

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Wednesday 27 March 2013 10:34 pm

Fortune Poker is closing its doors on March 31 soon after nine a long time in the on the internet poker business.

Although no certain factors have been cited, a brief announcement on the company&#8217s site proposed that Fortune was an additional target of the poker downturn that&#8217s impacted online and land-based mostly casinos alike. Here&#8217s what the company stated about the impending closure:

With several changes in the on-line gaming industry, it has been a wrestle to proceed to help our gamers and affiliate marketers to the fullest. While we have developed extremely fond of our Gamers, Associates and Affiliate marketers – we regret to advise you that Fortune Poker has produced the unfavorable selection to near its gaming/poker functions.

That assertion also incorporated a timeline of occasions to aid affiliate marketers and players income out their accounts.

Fortune Poker executives are organizing to have all affiliate partners paid off by April ten and any affiliates with inquiries about pending payments are suggested to e-mail jen@fortunepoker.com as shortly as possible.

As it stands, gamers can carry on participating in poker and blackjack till March 31. Gamers will be ready to accessibility the site&#8217s cashier until finally April two (even though all rakebacks and VIP bonuses will be instantly credited to gamers accounts on April one.)

Although it&#8217s sad to see a company of any sort heading underneath, Fortune Poker need to be applauded for its attempts to make specified that affiliate marketers and gamers are paid out.

Will you be impacted by Fortune Poker&#8217s closure? Share your views in the responses part below.

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Fortune Poker Shutting Down

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Wednesday 27 March 2013 10:30 pm

After 9 years of offering online poker on the Boss network, Fortune Poker has decided to call it quits. A message is now posted on the Fortune Poker main page informing players and affiliates of the news. Games will be available until March 31st. Any remaining rakeback owed to players will be paid on April 1st and players will have until the end of day April 2nd to make withdrawals.

Players are instructed to contact jen@fortunepoker.com with any concerns prior to April 15th. After that, players are instructed to contact EnvoySweSupport@envoyservices.com for any cashout related queries or support@pokerresponse.com for any Gaming related queries.

For players looking for alternatives on the Boss Network, we strongly recommend Poker Heaven or Interpoker. Both poker rooms are established poker rooms offering 30% rakeback, 200% up to €1,000 sign-up bonuses and exclusive promotions through PAS.

Below you can read the full statement from Fortune Poker:

March 25, 2013

Dear Valued Customers,

Over the past 9 years, we have been very grateful to service you and provide you with the most personal and VIP oriented poker room online. With many changes in the online gaming industry, it has been a struggle to continue to support our players and affiliates to the fullest. While we have grown very fond of our Players, Partners and Affiliates – we regret to inform you that Fortune Poker has made the unfavorable decision to close its gaming/poker operations.

As always, the team at Fortune Poker will work to ensure that you are taken care of to the fullest, and with that in mind, please see the below timeline for moving forward with Fortune Poker.

Today until March 31st 2013, 12:59 GMT

Gameplay will continue as usual. All players are more than welcome to continue participating in all of our games (Poker and Black Jack) up until March 31st, 2013 at 23:59 GMT. We advise that you take this time to play your money through and make the relevant cashouts.

April 1st – April 2nd, 2013

Fortune Poker will no longer be allowing players to participate in our Gaming Features (Poker or Side Games); You will be able to access the software/cashier until 23:59 on April 2nd, 2013 to make any cashouts necessary. If you are eligible for rakeback, VIP Prizes or Race Prizes (provided from your affiliate) it will be paid into your poker account promptly on the 1st of April. If you have any questions regarding your rakeback, race or VIP payments, please contact jen@fortunepoker.com on or before the 12th of April, 2013.

April 10th, 2013

By this date, all Affiliate and Partner Payments will be made. If you believe you are still owed any money, please contact jen@fortunepoker.com within 24 hours to ensure a speedy reply regarding the discrepancy.

April 15th, 2013

This will be the last day in which you can contact the team at Fortune Poker (Jen & James) regarding any issues/concerns for Cashouts, Administration etc. Please note that from this date forward, you must contact Envoy at EnvoySweSupport@envoyservices.com for any cashout related queries or support@pokerresponse.com for any Gaming related queries.

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their involvement with Fortune Poker over the years. We wish everyone the best and hope that we will meet again under more promising circumstances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time as we are here to help you through this transitioning process as much as possible.

All The Best, The Fortune Poker Team

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15 Gambling Headlines That Require to Happen

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Wednesday 27 March 2013 8:28 pm

Virtually everybody in the on the internet gambling sector was jaw-droppingly shocked when the DOJ dropped off their Christmas gift that pretty a lot legalized online poker.

With legalization on the march in the United States and liberalization afoot overseas, below are a number of other gambling headlines that want to take place.

one. Player Shaving Application Offered for Cell &#8211 Most affiliate companions would bounce at the possibility to own an application that tracked the exercise of supposedly inactive players. This would shut down participant shaving when and for all.

2. Federal Government Approves Kyl-Reid &#8211 Federally controlled on the internet gambling would be excellent news for large-time gaming firms. This monthly bill would set a single set of standards for on the web gambling across the United States.

three. Federal Authorities Shelves Kyl-Reid &#8211 More compact gaming businesses that are already established in markets the huge boys have remaining powering significantly favor condition regulation over Federal oversight.

4. File Beneath Asia #one &#8211 Japan Legalizes Online Gambling &#8211 With a population of about a hundred twenty five million and a strong enjoy for all things technological, Japan is the perfect area for a significant mobile gaming increase.

5. File Underneath Asia #2 &#8211 Vietnam Legalizes Sports Betting – Vietnam is one of the swiftest increasing Asian economies and sportsbooks would love to see some of that income flowing their way. According to current reviews, this headline may possibly really look in the in close proximity to foreseeable future.

6. File Beneath Asia #3 – China Legalizes Online Gambling &#8211 China&#8217s one.3 billion residents are experiencing a critical financial increase, but they nonetheless can&#8217t gamble online. This huge marketplace is the greatest prize in the gambling planet.

7. New Jersey Wins Sporting activities Betting Battle- Lawful sports betting in the United States has to come about someday and there&#8217s no much better area for it than the Yard Point out.

eight. EU Standardizes Licensing and Taxes – Navigating the patchwork of gambling regulations in Central Europe is a actual headache. A small standardization by way of a Euro-Kyl-Reid could go a long ways in this section.

9. DOJ Drops Expenses Against Calvin Ayre – Ayre is a large mouth who has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the DOJ but that&#8217s not actually a crime. It&#8217s time for the Feds to point their guns in other places.

10. US Entire Tilt Gamers Paid – However there finally seems to be some movement on this front, the wait around for US players has long gone one particular fully also lengthy.

11. Rogues Shell out Up – If all the rogue affiliate applications paid up at once, about fifty percent of CAP&#8217s audience would be headed to retirement.

twelve. Google Chills Out About Gambling – Occur one Google, on the internet gambling isn&#8217t likely everywhere and even the Feds have chilled out a bit. Isn&#8217t it time that you did the identical?

thirteen. British isles Bingo Fever Spreads Around the world – If on the internet bingo was as well-liked globally as it is in the Uk, most gambling affiliates would be sporting prime hats and monocles within of a week.

14. T&ampC&#8217s Go Legalese-Free of charge – Affiliate marketing is all about partnerships. So would it be way too significantly to ask for T&ampC&#8217s that had been straightforward and had no hidden pitfalls?

fifteen. Gambling Sector Bans Alcoholic beverages at Trade Demonstrates – Just kidding! We&#8217ve seen ample online photograph galleries to know that booze is an definitely essential element of a productive gambling trade display.

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IGT MegaJackpots Hits 100,000 Facebook Likes

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Tuesday 19 March 2013 10:04 pm

The IGT MegaJackpots Facebook page hit a major milestone this week when they topped the 100,000 likes mark.

The achievement isn’t just good news for IGT, it’s also a sign of the growing importance of social media in the gambling industry.

The MegaJackpots Facebook page is an extension of the company’s popular progressive slot machine line.

Visitors to the page can track how much is currently in the pot and where recent wins happened. IGT also serves up regular contests and giveaways to Facebook followers on the page.

Depending on what your perspective is, 100,000 Facebook likes might not sound all that impressive. What is impressive is that the MegaJackpots Facebook page has only been in existence since October of 2012.

The Takeaway for Gambling Affiliates

The takeaway for affiliates here is that successfully promoting slots and table games on Facebook can be done successfully. While replicating the success of an international brand like MegaJackpots probably isn’t in the cards for everyone, a scaled down version it is definitely possible.

MegaJackpots was first introduced in 1986 and has given away thousands of big prizes during that time, including a $ 39 million payout.

Are you promoting any real-money Facebook gambling? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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iGaming Awards You Want to Get

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Tuesday 19 March 2013 1:15 pm

iGB is a fairly great time

When it comes to iGaming awards, the Worldwide Gaming Business (IGB) Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars in the motion picture company. These awards are handed out every single February by the publishers of iGBA Journal in a lavish London ceremony that coincides with the iGB trade demonstrate.

Newbies and knowledgeable affiliates alike severely covet these awards, and with great reason. The iGB awards ceremony is not only a lavish gala, it&#8217s one particular of the handful of moments that the relatively small igaming market will get with each other underneath a single roof. Networking at the gambling Oscars is a whole lot simpler if you&#8217ve just been handed a, Very best Affiliate Award.

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March US On-line Poker Payment Processing Report

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Sunday 17 March 2013 1:13 pm

There were a few changes since the February report. The most notable is the removal of the Merge Gaming cashier. This was done due to the loss of most U.S. facing Merge Gaming skins that used the processor. Aced moved away from this cashier earlier this month and there is a lack of information about withdrawal speeds and the number of rooms still using it so it has been removed.

Bodog/Bovada A (A)

Bovada tops this month’s report. They also top the US market in terms of cash game traffic. Everything has been going great for the Bodog Poker Network lately and their cashout speeds are no exception.

Bovada players can cashout by check, bank wire and cash transfer. Checks arrive in 1-2 weeks and have a limit of $ 3,000. Bank wires arrive in about a month and have a limit of $ 5,000. Players receive one free cashout by either of these methods each month. Additional checks or wires carry a $ 50 fee.

Cash transfers arrive in 1-3 days and the following fees apply:

Money Transfer/WU
• $ 100 – $ 200 Fee: $ 40
• $ 201 – $ 500 Fee: $ 50
• $ 501 – $ 1000 Fee: $ 80
• $ 1001 – $ 2000 Fee: $ 150

Rapid Transfer/MG
• $ 100 – $ 200 Fee: $ 20
• $ 201 – $ 400 Fee: $ 30
• $ 401 – $ 600 Fee: $ 45
• $ 601 – $ 800 Fee: $ 60

Intertops A (A)

Intertops is a member of the Revolution Gaming Network that consistently ranks towards the top of our survey. Intertops no longer accepts new players from the US but they still service existing players.

Intertops offers US players three withdrawal options. Intertops players may choose between check, bank wire and cash transfer. All options are expensive, but most players are willing to pay the fees to receive quick payouts.

Checks arrive in about a week and have a limit of $ 3,000. Bank wires arrive in 2-4 weeks and have a $ 2,500 limit. Both options carry a $ 50 fee. Cash transfers arrive in 1-3 days and may be requested for amounts up to $ 2,000 with the following fees:

• $ 150-$ 500 Fee: $ 70
• $ 501-$ 1000 Fee: $ 85
• $ 1001-$ 2000 Fee: $ 180

Winning Poker Network A- (A)

The Winning Poker Network’s cashier handles players from Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker. US players on the Winning Poker Network looking to withdraw may choose between a debit card, check or cash transfer.

Players may request a debit card for a $ 25 fee. There is a $ 4.95 monthly maintenance fee and a fee of $ 3 for every withdrawal. The card arrives in 2-3 weeks. Once a player has it in their possession they will receive their request in 2-5 days. Players may request one debit card withdrawal each week up to $ 2,500 per transaction for a maximum of $ 10,000 each month.

Checks arrive in 2-3 weeks and have a $ 65 fee. The Winning Poker Network allows one free check withdrawal each month. The maximum check amount is $ 2,995.

Cash transfers may be processed up to $ 1,500 and arrive in 2-5 days. The following fees apply to Winning Poker Network cash transfers:

• $ 100 – $ 299 Fee: $ 60
• $ 300 – $ 499 Fee: $ 70
• $ 500 – $ 749 Fee: $ 85
• $ 750 – $ 999 Fee: $ 95
• $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 Fee: $ 110

Carbon Poker/Aced/Jazette C (C+)

Aced now uses the same cashier used by Carbon Poker, PlayersOnly and Sportsbook.com. US players have one cashout option on this cashier. That option is a check. Players can receive up to $ 2,500 on one check and multiple cashouts may be processed on one check if the cumulative amount is $ 2,500 or less. Checks arrive in 4-7 weeks after the first cashout is requested. Subsequent requests that keep the total at or below $ 2,500 do not affect the check processing time.

Lock Poker D (D+)

Lock Poker is the flagship of the Revolution Network. They continue to struggle with cashout speeds to both US players and those across the world. Checks to US players arrive in 3-4 months. Cash transfers are processed in about two months. Players receive both options for free. Players outside the U.S. are reporting cashout speeds of 6-8 weeks to international ewallets, which is a cause for additional concern.

Juicy Stakes D- (D-)

Juicy Stakes is also a member of the Revolution Gaming Network. Like Lock Poker, Juicy Stakes also struggles with payouts to players across the world. US players report check withdrawal speeds in the 4-5 month range with no fee. That is the only option for US players. Players outside of the US report 4-6 week withdrawal speeds to ewallets.

All of these online poker rooms can be found at PAS sister site RakeTracker.

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Getting Started with PAS

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Thursday 14 March 2013 11:03 pm

It may seem intimating to set up your PAS site but it could not be easier. The first step is to set up your PAS publisher account here.

We will ask you to enter some information about yourself. This includes what types of offers you are looking to promote and whether you already have a website. If you do not have a website then that is not a problem. We can get you set up easily.

Website Creation

The next step is to enter your website. If you already have a poker related domain name then you are all set. If you do not have a domain name then you have one of two options. You may buy one through a domain seller such as GoDaddy or you may use a subdomain under Pokeraffiliatesolutions.com. If you intend to create content and wish for players to find your website through search engines then you should consider buying a domain. The cost is only about $ 10. If your sole intention is to refer friends then using a sub domain may be appropriate.

After filling in your personal details, it’s usually best to select the top option (you can get more info on the other products later):

Creating Website

The next step is to create your free website. You must first name your new website. To keep the process simple, try to use a name that is closely related to your domain. This will be helpful when you expand later and have multiple websites in our system.

Name your website so you can identify it in the PAS admin for your various administration.

Choosing/Adding a Domain

You must then choose if you wish to use your domain, a subdomain on your domain, or a Poker Affiliate Solutions subdomain. If you own a domain name then the first two choices are what you should choose. If you already have an existing website then you should choose to use a subdomain that would look like rakeback.yourdomain.com. That is because using the domain will not work since you already have content on it, unless you wish to discard your existing website and replace it with one of ours.

If you use your own domain then you will need to login to your domain registrar and change the Domain Name Server (DNS) to match the ones in the signup process. This is done by choosing a choice that will be similar to “Update DNS” in the domain registrar’s login area.

PAS Site Layouts

Your next option is to choose how you would like your PAS site to appear. We offer several layouts including different menus and colors. Your signup process is then complete. You are in business as a PAS publisher.

Your website will automatically display many online poker offers. Players that sign up through your website will be tracked to you. You may click “View Offer” to change your offers. Simply click and unclick the offers you wish to change. You may also reorder your offers by clicking and dragging the offers and placing them in the order that you wish. You may also edit the settings that you entered during the signup process.

You have set up your PAS site in a matter of minutes and are now ready to do some customization, if you choose. In our next part of this series, we will explore the admin for some of the more common tasks.

Poker Affiliate Solutions Discussion – Blogs

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