May PAS Exclusive Promotions

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Tuesday 30 April 2013 10:04 pm

Our exclusive promotions for the month of May have been released! All previous promotions return, including the launch of William Hill Gold Bars (coming soon!) and an increase in the Red Kings Rake Race to $ 10,000. PAS will even be running a $ 500 Publisher Promotion for publishers who promote Bovada or Bodog during the month.

For a “sticky” reference of this guide, you can also access the Promotion page. Both sources will be updated throughout the month. You may also find banners and html to use with your exclusive promotion marketing.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. You may also add comments to this post, and we will respond to as quickly as we can.

May Publisher Promotions

Bovada/Bodog: $ 500 PAS Publisher Promotion **NEW**

May Promotions

Rake Races ($ 166,000)
Interpoker €16,000 Rake Race (continues on Ongame)
Cake Poker/Juicy Stakes $ 60,000 Rake Race (4 x $ 15,000)
Carbon Poker: $ 10,000 Rake Race
Aced: $ 10,000 Rake Race
Poker Heaven €5,000 Rake Race — Players must opt-in to the PlayerZone. (Pending)
Muchos Poker (Boss) €5,000 Rake Race — Players must opt-in to the PlayerZone. (Pending)

Rake Chases ($ 10,000)
Poker World – $ 10K Rake Chase

Points Races ($ 11,500)
Red Kings: $ 10,000 Points Race (2x $ 5,000 Races) **Increased**
Betsafe – Red: $ 4,000 Points Race.

Carbon Poker: $ 5,375 Freeroll available to all tracked players. More info

William Hill: The Gold Bars Promo **NEW** (Coming soon)
Titan Poker: The Gold Bars Promo(More info)

Net changes
Added Carbon Poker $ 5,375 freeroll
Added William Hill Gold Bars
Red Kings Race Increased to $ 10,000

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Ultimate Poker Open for Business

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Tuesday 30 April 2013 9:51 pm

The Feritta brothers, ready for action.

Today is launch day for Ultimate Poker, the first legal online poker site in the United States. It’s a huge step forward for the American gambling industry and a major coup for Ultimate’s parent company Feritta Interactive.

Ferrita Interative entered the Nevada poker race early and has been through a marathon licensing and testing process to get to this day.

Some critics have suggested that Nevada’s population, less than 3 million, is too small to support intrastate online poker. That makes Ultimate Poker a  big risk for brothers Lorenzo and Frank Ferrita, who also own 45% of Station Casinos, but they’ve got a few aces up their sleeves.

The Ferrita’s also manage the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and plan to leverage that connection to help shore up business. Given the overlapping demographics of the UFC and online poker, 21-25-year-old males. For a first-to-market site, that could be a very good deal indeed.

More importantly, for gambling affiliates, Ultimate Poker inked an affiliate marketing deal with Income Access earlier this month. As of this writing, details of the program are still being worked out.

The significance of Ultimate’s launch isn’t lost on anyone in the gambling industry, least of all the company’s CEO Tobin Prior who said:

We like to think of it as the day that trust returns to online gambling in the US. Now you can visit a site and be fully certain that your money is safe and that you’re dealing with people you trust.

As it stands today, any player can deposit funds on Ultimate Poker, but they must be physically in Nevada to actually play real money poker.

Do you think Nevada can support a thriving online poker industry? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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First Cards Dealt at Nevada Licensed Room Ultimate Poker

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Tuesday 30 April 2013 9:22 pm

Mark this date on your calendar, folks. At around 9 AM local time Tuesday, Nevada-licensed Ultimate Poker dealt their first cards at a real money table. The occasion marks the first time a poker hand has been dealt in the United States under a state licensed poker site. Although many other companies have been licensed in the state, there has been no official word on any other Nevada online poker rooms going live.

At the time of this writing there has been one $ 5 Sit N Go along with a few cash games running from $ 0.05/$ 0.10 to $ 3/$ 6. Because the launch came with little warning it is not a surprise that traffic is light at the moment. Even so, there have been some concerns among industry observers whether Nevada can support an attractive player pool at multiple rooms with a population of only 2.7 million. Ring-fenced markets in Europe such as Italy, Spain and France have healthy action but also enjoy populations over 40 million. Federal law and Nevada regulations currently restrict the sharing of player pools across state lines and across international borders.

To play at the real money tables, a player must be physically located in Nevada. This, however, also includes visitors to the state. Player verification includes providing a social security number as well as a cell phone.

Ultimate Poker does not currently have an affiliate program and is not expected to offer one in the near future. It should also be noted that Nevada regulators require affiliates to be licensed in the state, pay a $ 2,500 licensing fee and undergo a thorough background check.

New Jersey and Delaware have also approved online poker but a precise timetable has not been revealed. Many other states have introduced online poker legislation or plan to before the end of the year.

PAS would like to pass on our congratulations to Nevada online poker players and citizens for this momentous day.

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WSEX Founder Left Suicide Note: Hated Having to Stiff Customers

Posted by admin | Sportsbook Affiliates | Tuesday 30 April 2013 12:33 pm
WSEX Founder Left Suicide Note: Hated Having to Stiff Customers
World Sports Exchange founder Steve Shillinger reportedly left a suicide note behind prior to taking a gun to his head last week.

read more – Sportsbook News

Free Bovada Marketing Materials for PAS Publishers

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Saturday 27 April 2013 12:50 pm

You want to be promoting Bovada and Bodog during May. Not only because they are one of the best options for U.S. and Canadian players but also because we have a great new $ 500 publisher promotion coming your way next month

Don’t know how to promote the offer? Banners are a great start to strategically feature offers on your PAS hosted website. We have made four separate banners that you can use in your website marketing efforts!

You can place these banners in any location on your site you wish. If you use the PAS CMS they are already uploaded on your site and ready for use! If you find a banner you like but it’s not quite the right size, simply edit the height or width to fit the necessary dimensions. If you have any questions at all about this promotion, the banners or anything else, please submit a ticket and we would be happy to help.

Contact us about email marketing if you have a large database of players you wish to reach.

Good luck!

Banner 1- 500×250

Code to insert on your website (note you must be viewing the blog post page and not the index to view):

PHP Code:

<a href="{{ tld }}/rakeback/bodog-poker.html"><img height="#" width="#" src="{{ tld }}/website_images/raketracker/Bovada-500x255.jpg"></a

Banner 2- 500×100

Code to insert on your website:

PHP Code:

<a href="{{ tld }}/rakeback/bodog-poker.html"><img height="#" width="#" src="{{ tld }}/website_images/raketracker/Bovada-500x100.jpg"></a

Banner 3- 175×175

Code to insert on your website:

PHP Code:

<a href="{{ tld }}/rakeback/bodog-poker.html"><img height="#" width="#" src="{{ tld }}/website_images/raketracker/Bovada-175x175.jpg"></a

Banner 4- 120×600

Code to insert on your website:

PHP Code:

<a href="{{ tld }}/rakeback/bodog-poker.html"><img height="#" width="#" src="{{ tld }}/website_images/raketracker/Bovada-120x600.jpg"></a

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Exclusive Bovada/Bodog Publisher Promotion – $500 in Prizes

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Friday 26 April 2013 9:59 pm

Get ready to start promoting Bovada and Bodog! During the month of May, we will be giving away $ 500 in extra cash to the PAS publisher who shows the most improvement in activity from April to May — $ 250 each to the publisher with the largest depositing players increase and another $ 250 to the publisher with the most MGR improvement. If you show the most improvement in both categories you will win both prizes!

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or a large publisher; everyone has an equal chance in this promotion.

Weekly updates will be provided via email to all publishers who show activity during the month (signups, depositing players, MGR). Updates will include your position, MGR, the number of depositing players and how far you are away from the leader. At the end of the promotion, the two $ 250 prizes will be transferred to the winning publisher(s) PAS account. Winning publishers will not be announced privately due to privacy concerns, but each publisher that generated during the month will receive a final update to where they finished.

Why Promote Bovada/Bodog?

–Largest traffic for U.S. facing site
–100% up to $ 1,000 Sign-Up Bonus
–Weekly Bonuses up to $ 50 through May!
–FAST cashouts for U.S. players
–Loose games
–25% Revenue-Share
–$ 500 in Publisher Prizes through PAS

Marketing Your Offers

Don’t have a Bovada or Bodog campaign? You are still eligible for the promotion. Simply make a Bovada or Bodog request today. Because publishers can only feature one Bovada/Bodog website offer, we recommend requesting the offer of your preferred brand based on your target market. If you want to promote both brands, please contact customer service for a second campaign.[/IMG]

Marketing Materials

Before May 1st we will provide PAS publishers with banners to place on their website advertising the Bovada offer. In addition, if you would like to reach out to your database of players, we are able to provide free email marketing services to publishers with more than 100 members.

We feel that Bovada is one of the top offers to promote right now due to their huge momentum, reliability and history of excellent service to players and affiliates. We hope that you join us this May for your chance to win up to $ 500. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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Tower Gaming Closes

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Friday 26 April 2013 8:56 pm

Tower Gaming, a member of the Revolution Gaming Network, has closed its doors. Poker players have been moved to Cake Poker, which is on the same network. Casino and sports players will now have access to Jetbull, which is a well diversified gaming company that operates products on multiple platforms.

Tower Gaming started out on the Ongame Network. The online poker room, casino and sports book had a renegade mentality on the network. The skin was the subject of many operator complaints for offering bottomless 8x bonuses and under the table deals for players that did not conform to network rules. Tower Gaming was eventually kicked off the Ongame Network and moved to Revolution Gaming.

The poker room was less than competitive after its move. At the time, most skins on the network accepted US players or had many grandfathered American players. Tower Gaming stayed with its policy to ban US players. Many of their players only played at Tower Gaming because it offered some of the best kickbacks available on the Ongame Network. The move all but destroyed their player base as most players in the rest of the world are not interested in playing on Revolution Gaming.

This move should affect very few players and affiliates. There was very little activity at Tower Gaming, which is likely a contributing factor in their decision. The company had also been late on payments to players and affiliates in the past adding further damage to their reputation.

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Equity Group Sports Betting Bill Clears Nevada Senate

Posted by admin | Sportsbook Affiliates | Thursday 25 April 2013 12:44 pm
Equity Group Sports Betting Bill Clears Nevada Senate
A bill allowing private equity groups to place large wagers at Nevada sportsbooks has passed with a near unanimous vote on Tuesday. 

read more – Sportsbook News

Coral Moving to iPoker2 May 1st

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Thursday 25 April 2013 12:21 pm

Coral has revealed to PAS that they will be moving to the prestigious iPoker2 Network on May 1st, some six months after first moving to iPoker1, which occurred a month after the network segregated player pools at certain cash games and sit n gos.

With the migration of Coral to the iPoker2 player pool they will now share a player pool with other well-known brands such as Titan Poker, Bet365, William Hill, Winner and Poker770. Dozens of other poker skins share the iPoker1 player pool. The iPoker2 player pool is generally considered to have a higher concentration of recreational players, which significantly increases its appeal among players who wish to play on the network.

A Coral PAS representative stated, “Since our move to iPoker from Ongame last October we’ve seen increased numbers in terms of revenue and active players every single month, so much so we have doubled in size culminating in our promotion to the top tier.”

According to reports, the metric to determine a poker room’s inclusion on iPoker2 is based on “maximizing end user experience” and focuses on active players, new player acquisitions as well as a scoring metric that considers player account balances.

Most of the impact of player pool segregation comes at the No Limit Hold’em tables. Six-max tables up to NL400 and full ring up to NL200 have different players, along with all heads-up tables. Multi-table tournament players and sit ‘n go players who play above $ 10 are not affected. In addition, fast-fold tables – usually called Speed Poker — are also not impacted by the segregated player pools.

Coral, a long time UK-based brick and mortar company, launched online poker rooms Eurobet and Coral in 2003 on the Party Gaming network. They moved to Ongame in 2006, where they remained until late 2012. Eurobet closed in 2011 so the company could focus on Coral and Gala.

PAS currently offers a 30% revenue-share deal to affiliates wishing to promote Coral Poker. The poker room features a 100% up to £1,200 sign-up bonus (including £20 in free tokens and cash), VIP program, weekly “Spring Sprints” totaling $ 22k per month.

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Interpoker to Leave IPN Tonight

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Wednesday 24 April 2013 9:46 pm

Interpoker contacted PAS today to announce that today will be its last day on the International Poker Network (IPN). This network is sometimes referred to as Boss Media. Interpoker will go offline at 2359 CET. Interpoker will go live on the Ongame Network within 48 hours of closing on IPN.

All player login information will remain the same. Players will be instructed to download the new software once the Ongame product is live. All players will remain tagged to their existing affiliates.

Interpoker players will no longer receive rakeback. A new VIP program will replace rakeback. The terms of this program have not been announced.

PAS publishers that use custom content will need to update it. All publishers that use PAS content will see this content updated automatically when the offer launches.

€16k Race

The €16k Race will be graded and paid as soon as the IPN skin is closed. Players will see this balance reflected in their account when the Ongame skin launches. This race will return in May and is expected to continue in the future.

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