Phil Ivey Launches Poker App

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Monday 30 September 2013 9:33 pm

Ivey's app offers access to instructional videos.

Phil Ivey, professional poker’s resident bad boy/genius, is launching a new poker app for mobile users.

The Ivey Poker App is a sort of mash up of a social casino and poker lesson series with plenty of opportunities for social interactions.

Ivey’s app is available for mobile users on both Android and iOS users, and to social users as a direct download from Facebook. It also includes a host of features that serious online poker players will love, such as the ability to simultaneously play multiple hands.

In a press release, Ivey described his inspiration for designing the app as follows:

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m one of the most passionate poker players on the planet. I’m on a mission to grow the global poker audience, and have developed the Ivey Poker App for both entertainment and educational purposes.

You don’t have to know Ivey personally to know that this statement skirts around the truth a bit. While poker education may indeed be one of Ivey’s interests, he’s a businessman first and foremost (and a pretty smart one at that).
Ivey knows how to play percentages as well as anyone on the planet, which is why he’s hitching his wagon to two trends that are skyrocketing; mobile apps and social gaming. If the Ivey Poker app is anywhere near as good as Ivey the poker player, it should do very well.


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iGaming News Roundup – September 22-28

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Wynn is ready for online poker.

The iGaming and SEO worlds are moving along at full speed as dealmakers get ready for America and Google launches a big, new algorithm. Here are the headlines from the week of September 22, 2013.

iGaming Headlines

888 Inks Wynn Deal – 888 Holdings struck a deal with Wynn Resorts to host their online poker operations on the All American Poker Network. The company has a similar deal with Caesars and is also planning an American product of its own.

Does Nevada Already Need Interstate Online Gambling? – No one in the Silver State is freaking out just yet, but everyone seems to agree on the necessity of interstate gambling compacts. Unfortunately, it may be a while before any states besides New Jersey and Delaware are available to partner up with.

Meet iGaming’s Border Patrol – Locaid is the big name in geolocation software services and is providing Nevada operators with qualified online players. As it stands, Locaid is poised to dominate this corner of the US market.

European Poker Tour Hacked – Professional poker is enduring an ugly scandal after a professionals had their laptops hacked at a tournament in Barcelona. If these guys can’t keep their computers safe, who can?

SEO News

Fake Reviews Draw Big Fines – A number of SEO firms are paying out big fines for posting fake reviews on sites like Yelp! as a result of an investigation by the New York Attorney General’s Office. If other law enforcement agencies follow NY’s lead, it could kill off this commin, and very annoying, web marketing practice.

Is Google Hummingbird a Page View Poacher? – Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm is designed to provide smarter, more precise searches for end-users. That’s great for them, but who will think of the SEOs?

Google Kills Keyword Data – Google’s secure search functionality is another feature that’s great for end-users, but not-so-great for SEOs. Thanks to the uptick in secured searches, valuable keyword data may be a thing of the past.

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Best 10 September Gambling Rates

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John McCain at work on the Senate floor.

The gambling business is complete of folks who like to chat and that produced for some extremely quotable quotes this month. Listed here are a few of the leading terms of knowledge from the market&#8217s movers and shakers.

1. There is a perception of community and sharing and entertainment that takes place inside a on line casino that you are not able to replicate on the internet. Most individuals want to interact with other people. That&#8217s never heading away. &#8211 LoCaid, CEO, Rip Gerber on why igaming isn&#8217t a menace to land-primarily based casinos.

two. In a market place the dimensions of Nevada, we possibly come to feel that we really do not want to share liquidity. &#8211 Caesars Interactive CEO, Mitch Garber speaking on his organization&#8217s future plans for controlled online poker.

3. We’re extremely big supporters of shared liquidity. Nevada will have a healthy business on its possess. I believe it’s in everybody’s fascination at the finish of the day that there be compacts amongst states and that there be shared liquidity. &#8211 Caesars Interactive CEO, Mitch Garber speaking on his company&#8217s foreseeable future strategies for controlled on the internet poker.

four. We enjoy football but it requirements a kick up the arse. In most other areas of daily life folks can be open up about their sexuality and it’s time for football to take a stand and present gamers it does not matter what group they perform for. &#8211 Irish bookmaker Paddy Electrical power&#8217s new marketing campaign touting tolerance in specialist soccer.

five. Enable them know that this is something you want and that on-line poker is completely regulated and lawful in the point out of Nevada. If the credit history card issuer will nonetheless not let you make this transaction, you could want to attempt a different card. &#8211 reps on what to do if your credit history card firm decides on the web poker is even now illegal.

six. Caught actively playing Apple iphone recreation at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost! &#8211 Tweet from US Senator John McCain.

7. &#8220Indeed, we shouldn’t anticipate our Senators to spend consideration for three whole several hours. It’s just bombing an additional region, right after all! &#8211 Tweet from US astronomer, Phil Plait.

eight. Americans account for almost ten per cent of the world-wide online gaming market at a time when the organization is unlawful in all but three American states. It is past time for policymakers to place necessary safeguards in spot. American Gaming Association President and CEO, Geoff Freeman.

9. Make certain you leave your Laptop computer&#8217s at house for this trip and appreciate some live action. &#8211 TwoPlusTwo Forum Poster, Ace King reacting to news that poker specialists&#8217 laptops had been hacked at a tournament in Barcelona.

10. Odds are we will not see as considerably late motion coming in on the Sunday Night time sport since so many gamblers lost everything early on. &#8211 Don Shapiro, describing how sportsbooks came out on top in a big way on Week 3 NFL games.

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PerHead Offers Live Dealer Casino

Posted by admin | Sportsbook Affiliates | Saturday 28 September 2013 9:51 pm
PerHead Offers Live Dealer Casino
&ldquoWe provide the most authentic, engaging and entertaining stay dealer encounter available on-line,&rdquo spokesperson Travis Prescott tells

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A Chronicle of the Full Tilt Poker Remissions Process

Posted by admin | Poker Affiliates | Friday 27 September 2013 9:24 pm

Editors Note: PAS intern, Johnny G, is a former Full Tilt Poker player and victim who has had his mid five figure bankroll tied up since the events of April 15th, 2011. He will be writing for PAS about his experiences retrieving his balance through the Full Tilt Poker remission process.

The Remissions Process

By now, nearly everyone who has stake of any kind in the Full Tilt remission process knows that last week the never-ending chaos continued for the vast majority of players owed money. On Monday, September 16th, US Full Tilt players began receiving their petition and control number, which must be used to file a petition for remission beginning last Wednesday with a deadline of Saturday, November 16th. Here’s a little more of what we knew going into last week:

  • Receiving an email does not mean you are eligible
  • If you do not receive an email and you think you are eligible, you may file for a new petition starting Sept. 18th
  • Past and present Red Pros, affiliates, and FTP employees are excluded (some affiliates who have a mix of player and affiliate income report seeing balances)
  • Any taxes owed will be taken from your FTP balance upon payment
  • Your account with FTP must reflect a balance owed by FTP to you as of April 15, 2011
  • If you would like to dispute your balance according to Garden City Group (GCG), you may do so by uploading the proper documentation
  • Full Tilt Points, Iron Man medals, etc. are not included in your FTP balance and remain with your FTP account if you should ever move outside the US or FTP comes back to the US market

My Experience So Far

With these facts known, I received my email in the early morning of Wednesday, September 18th, filed my petition Wednesday night and found my petition confirmation email in my inbox seconds later. I know that sounds painless and easy, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t at least a slight meltdown earlier in the week.

While following the tweets coming out on the 16th, it was disturbing to see people mention the deposit requirement found in the email from GCG stating, “You must have deposited funds into an account with FTP.” Back in 2009, when my account was created, they didn’t make depositing easy for Americans so I wasn’t certain if I had ever made one. After frantically perusing through my account history, I realized a player-to-player transfer initially funded my FTP bankroll.

My guess is that this deposit requirement is someone’s terrible idea to weed out “non-players” or “scammers.” I’d bet they don’t even know what a freeroll is. I could be wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that the whole point of this claims process is to payback the victims. I’m a victim so pay me.

For those of you in the same boat, the only thing to do is to wait and see what the next step will be. I can’t foresee GCG not addressing this issue and the many other question marks bombarding the forums.

The Full Tilt Process Remissions Unknowns

I understand this is a very complicated process, but you would think that six months after being announced as Claims Administrator of the Full Tilt Poker remissions process, there wouldn’t be so many problems or questions. On the other side of the coin, nothing has been stress-free about Black Friday, so why should this?

Anyway, what we know and don’t know a week into the petition process:

  • Problem with using some petition numbers can be fixed by adding a “0” to the beginning of it (very classy, GCG)
  • Actual date used to “calculate” your account balance by GCG is no way April 15, 2011, but most likely sometime after
  • Uploading large files to dispute balance has shown to be a problem
  • Haven’t received an email – check your spam folder
  • Affiliate accounts are flagged as such
  • The FAQs on the FTP claims page are quickly turning into LFAQs (Least Frequently…you get it)
  • When, specifically, will payments begin to show up in players’ bank accounts?
  • Are affiliate/player “hybrid accounts” excluded as affiliate accounts?

With all the emotional uncertainty the petition process has already caused, players have been relentlessly contacting GCG to answer their questions with little to no success. It seems to me that GCG was extremely unprepared and ill equipped to handle this task. I’m beginning to think two months is a very soft deadline and it’s going to take much longer for them to straighten everything out and we all can wake up from this post Black Friday nightmare.

However, some calming reports this week include the players that did not receive an email and filed a new petition are confirming those emails are arriving with their petition and control numbers. In addition, many people have claimed that GCG told them players will have multiple chances at disputing account balances if their original documentation submitted was not sufficient.

My hope is that players don’t stop hounding GCG about their queries to help guide them and, in time, all players are fairly paid. But know that if you do contact them, they will most likely just promise to get back to you or repeat exactly what’s on their website. That’s just where we are at the moment. Also, don’t forget the PPA is an excellent resource for more information on the claims process.

2+2 Forum Thread Discussion

GCG contact info:

Call toll-free: (866) 250-2640
Write to at:
Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration
c/o GCG
P.O. Box 9965
Dublin, Ohio 43017-5965

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Movie ‘Runner, Runner’ Could Assist to Make Costa Rica Croc Bridge Popular (Online video)

Posted by admin | Sportsbook Affiliates | Friday 27 September 2013 11:46 am
Film ‘Runner, Runner’ Could Help to Make Costa Rica Croc Bridge Famous (Video)
Producers of &quotRunner, Runner&quot managed to characteristic 1 well-known mainstay of the Costa Rica-based sector that can validate is indeed reliable&hellip.. the infamous Crocodile Bridge.

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How Real Is ‘Runner, Runner’?

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Thursday 26 September 2013 9:39 pm

Runner, Runner is a new movie starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake that’s set against the glamorous backdrop of the offshore internet gambling world.

In the film, Timberlake plays an American college student who believes he’s been cheated out of his college nest egg by a less-than-scrupulous online poker site.

Once his money’s gone, Timberlake boards a plane headed for Costa Rica, where the site is based.When he arrives, his moxie impresses the site’s owner (Affleck) enough that he hires him on the spot. But something isn’t right on the island and Timberlake quickly finds himself in over his head with an organized criminal gang.

Though, Runner, Runner isn’t a true story, the American Gaming Association (AGA) took advantage of the film’s release to warn their fellow countrymen about the dangers of unregulated gambling. In a press release, AGA President and CEO, Geoff Freeman said:

‘Runner Runner’ is a fictional account of a lawless online poker world ruled by shady and unethical characters that sadly is not far from reality for millions of Americans who simply want to enjoy one of our favorite pastimes in a safe online environment

So is Freeman on the money here? And if he is, how much of the online poker world is ruled by these shady and unethical characters?

Given the AGA’s agenda, and largely land-based membership, it’s not surprising that Freeman’s less-than-enthusiastic about offshore gaming. Though his statements paint the industry with broad stroke, there are a couple kernels of truth in his words.

You don’t have dig too deeply into the forums on sites like Casinomeister to find stories that aren’t too far from what Freeman describes. But no amount of digging is going to turn up a story that remotely resembles, Runner, Runner.

What you’re more likely to find than elaborate cheating schemes are a small number of offshore sites that simply do everything they can to avoid paying out big winners.

The fact is, offshore operators don’t need to rig their games to rake in big bucks because, like all casino operators, they’ve already got the odds stacked in their favor.

Runner, Runner’s vision of organized crime in igaming does carry a hint of truth, but it’s still extremely exaggerated. While there’s no doubt that organized crime dips its fingers in the igaming world; it seems like sports betting and soccer match fixing are their specialty, not poker.

At the end of the day, Runner, Runner looks like a fun, but not particularly accurate, look at the igaming world. (But just to be on the safe side, we suggest that you only send players to CAP Certified operators!)

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Mass Congressman Owes Lawyers Following Battling Offshore Gambling Promises

Posted by admin | Sportsbook Affiliates | Thursday 26 September 2013 11:10 am
Mass Congressman Owes Attorneys After Fighting Offshore Gambling Claims
US Representative John F. Tierney of Massachusetts has established up a lawful defense fund to assist shell out for lawyers used whilst defending himself from allegations involving Athletics Off Shore

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Is Rake Back again in Online Poker Dead?

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Thursday 26 September 2013 10:52 am

Is rake back in on the internet poker on the verge of extinction?

More than the very last several many years the on the internet poker sector has knowledgeable a variety of setbacks, exclusively in the U.S. market.  On April fifteenth, 2011 when the U.S. Section of Justice pulled the plug on the largest U.S. facing on the web poker web sites, they also dealt a significant blow to the exercise frequently referred to as rake back.

In the U.S. marketplace, the poker rooms that have been seized (AP, UB, and FullTiltPoker) accounted for a big proportion of the industry share with regard to rake again.  By reducing the chance for U.S. gamers to enjoy in these kinds of massive player swimming pools, as nicely as obtain a proportion of their rake back again, the marketplace essentially modified without end.

Although rake again does even now exist on smaller networks, the concern stays, will rake back at any time be as prevalent as it once was?  The impression of numerous of the industries biggest operators and affiliate marketers is that “above the table” rake back again in the U.S. might be in its ultimate death throes.

In buy to realize why this is nonetheless, we should very first realize the historical past of rake back, and the problems it subsequently brought to the business.  Between 2002  and 2004 the U.S. online poker industry was experiencing unparalleled and explosive expansion.  In truth several affiliates and operators nevertheless refer to that time period as the Wild West of On the internet Poker.  With new players coming into the marketplace by the thousands each and every day, and money flowing like Niagara Falls, the two affiliate marketers and operators were all seeking for and edge above their opponents.

Several poker affiliate marketers ended up effortlessly making 6 figures per month from the revenue share they have been receiving from the poker affiliate plans.  As the chatter commenced to create in the popular gamers forums on just how a lot these affiliate marketers ended up creating, players began to demand from customers a share back again for them selves.  And with that, the idea of rake again was born.

To begin with rake back started as straightforward agreements in between increased benefit players and tremendous affiliates.  As far more players became educated on rake back again however, an completely new specialized niche business created inside of the on-line poker market.  Not only was every single higher benefit and skilled participant receiving rake back again from an affiliate, even the casual gamers had been commencing to consider advantage of this great month to month incentive.

In the commencing, every person was happy with rake back.  After all, operators were having to pay affiliate marketers anyways, so why not see the end user (gamers) be rewarded and incentivized.  Rake back again affiliates had been ready to change their emphasis to much less income share, but greater overall volume.

It wasn’t right up until about 2004 however that the elementary flaws with the rake back again design grew to become obvious.  While numerous operators chose to continue allowing rake back again, the largest poker web site at the time ( set a end to the exercise amongst its gamers and affiliate marketers.

While we could appear at a variety of places where rake again was flawed, this sort of as underneath the desk offers, affiliates stealing gamers, and operators re-tagging current gamers a single flaw outweighs all the others, the destruction of the poker ecology.

When speaking about the poker ecology, 1 should very first comprehend precisely what the time period indicates.  The poker ecology can greatest be explained as a well balanced (or unbalanced) program of weak “losing players” also acknowledged as fish to powerful “winning players”, also acknowledged as sharks.

When the poker ecology of an person operator or community finds itself “out of balance”, a poker area could basically dry up and turn out to be unattractive to both gamers and affiliates.  What happens when the poker ecology gets to be unbalanced is that the winning players seize all of the cash, even though the dropping players operate out of money and give up playing.

Right after a handful of several years of the rake again design penetrating the online poker market place, operators rapidly learned that these higher value rake back again gamers, also identified as sharks, ended up really undesirable for their total earnings and healthy poker ecology.  By providing highly competitive rake back again bargains and attracting a large quantity of these sharks, the operators were discovering that this group of gamers was truly cannibalizing the total participant pool.

With the regulated U.S. industry on the cusp of opening up, these new regulated rooms have taken note on the historical past of incentivizing on-line poker gamers with rake back and some of the challenges it formerly introduced to the market.  Given the reality that most of these new regulated online poker rooms we’ll be a conglomerate of an existing brick and mortar on line casino, as effectively as an set up on the internet manufacturer, the odds of observing rake back re-surface area will be slim.

Instead affiliate marketers need to assume to see the elimination of revenue share all jointly and far more CPA variety fee structures.  Players will be incentivized in a much more classic loyalty plan, similar to how current land-dependent casino’s are already running.

So exactly where does this leave rake back again in the U.S. market?  In my view, non-existent in the regulated area.  There will no question still be non-regulated operators ready to dabble in rake back again for U.S. gamers.  The question nonetheless is will they have the participant liquidity and be able to keep a long-expression wholesome poker ecology? Only time will notify, but affiliates seeking to operate in the controlled U.S. poker market ought to be seeking elsewhere than rake back to appeal to new players.

About Jeremy Enke

Jeremy Enke is a pioneer in the poker affiliate business and has been operating with and advertising on the web poker considering that 2002.  During his tenure in the poker affiliate industry, Jeremy has introduced a number of successful poker affiliate internet sites and strategies.  Jeremy is also founded the initial poker affiliate network at and at the moment operates the poker affiliate discussion boards at  Jeremy is a consultant in the poker affiliate sector as nicely as a standard speaker and writer for the industry’s biggest trade demonstrates and magazines.

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Fulfill Nevada iGaming’s Border Patrol

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Wednesday 25 September 2013 9:41 pm

Locaid CEO, Rip Gerber

Geolocation technology is the bedrock upon which the growing American online gambling market is built on.

After all, no state government wants to be accused of poaching illegal players from other states; and they certainly don’t want their own players slipping across the border to gamble with the next door neighbors’.

In Nevada, the company that’s keeping watching on the digital border is a San Francisco-based tech outfit called, Locaid. Locaid is currently providing geolocation services Ultimate Poker, William Hill, and Caesars’

In recent interview with, Locaid CEO, Rip Gerber gave an illuminating look at this critical, but largely unknown, corner of the igaming world.

At its simplest, geolocation is all about pinging to devices as they attempt to log on a site and using clues from IP addresses, cell tower location and other sources. Some of their clients, like Caesars, add additional layers of verification to the process.

Gerber brushes off his new nickname, “The Sheriff of Online Gaming,” saying his job is really more like the border patrol. That’s because he only blocks unauthorized traffic from crossing an invisible, digital line, prosecuting illegal crossings is someone else’s job.

So far, Locaid hasn’t run into a lot of problems with hackers and out-of-state gamblers (or savvy gambling affiliates) who have workarounds to log into Nevada-based gambling apps. That said, Gerber acknowledges that black hat hackers are very skilled at getting past digital roadblocks and are likely beating the system.

Still, hackers only represent a small portion of the public and their methods aren’t, generally, available to the public at large.

Locaid is making a name for itself in Nevada and that goodwill is likely to carry across state lines as America embraces regulated online gambling.

Gerber and company are ready to roll with that growth and doesn’t see legal online gambling as a threat to land-based casinos saying, “As long as casinos provide an amazing experience and brand, and as long as they mean something to their community, this is going to be a major enhancement.”

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