Crown Resorts Launching Digital Lottery

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Thursday 31 August 2017 8:30 am

Australia’s digital lottery market is heating up as Crown Resorts launches a new digital lottery product called CrownLotto.
It’s a move designed to shake up the rapidly growing Aussie digital lottery market, but it’s one that social critics are not happy about.

Crown Resorts announced their new lottery product early this week and expect to have a workable product available to Aussie punter by the end of the week.

Digital lotteries, in which players wager on the outcome of a lottery drawing rather than entering the lottery itself, are a rapidly growing sector of the always massive Australian gaming market. Published reports indicate that Lottoland, Crown Resorts’ chief rival in this market, is pulling in more than $ 1 million a week on its digital lottery product. According to a report on the Australian Financial Report, digital lottery sales account for 14 percent of the Australian lottery market.

As is so often the case in Australia, the new gambling product raised the ire of social critics and anti-gambling advocates. This time, they’re concerned that unlike traditional Australian lotteries, digital lotteries do not contribute a share of their earnings to social causes. Crown Resorts has responded to this criticism by agreeing to donate a portion of its digital lottery earnings to social causes.

Some critics also maintain that digital lotteries are bad for land-based business in the Land Down Under because they steal customers from standard lotteries, a charge that was quickly refuted by a Crown Resorts spokesperson who said:

Lottery wagering attracts a different demographic and will grow overall interest in lotteries, rather than competing with traditional physical lotteries.

No matter what digital lotteries do the land-based lottery market in Australia, it’s clear that digital lotteries are likely here to stay.

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Former Absolute Poker and UltimateBet Players Line Up for $33 Million Settlement

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Monday 28 August 2017 3:16 pm

A group of former Absolute Poker and UltimateBet players are set to divide more than $ 33 million in a settlement of accounts that were frozen on Black Friday. The surprise settlement will be administered by the Garden City Group and is a serendipitous result of another massive Black Friday settlement.

The Absolute Poker UltimateBet settlement fund is being administered by the Garden City Group (GCG), which is the same group that helped divvy up the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) settlement fund with Full Tilt Poker. In fact, the funds being used to settle the 7,400 claims against Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.

This latest round of remittance comes in the wake of the DOJ’s final remittances of Full Tilt Poker claims back in April. Shortly after that, the government announced that former Abolute Poker and UltimateBet players could file for similar remittances, which would be paid from leftover cash from the Full Tilt fund.

Late last week, players who filed for those claims began receiving emails from the Feds asking them to confirm or update their banking information, a clear indication that settlements are not far behind, according to a report on

Former Abslute Poker and UltimateBet players who haven’t already filed claims for their long lost cash have until September 7 to do so.  Players who are eligible for a payout, but also have delinquent debts to the government (such as tax bills) will have to pay off their debts before claiming any actual cash.

As of this writing, the DOJ’s move to settle up Absolute Poker and UltimateBet claims has been well received in the online poker community.

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Mayweather-McGregor: A Promotional Guide for Casino Affiliates

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Tuesday 22 August 2017 3:24 pm

Mayweather-McGregor is boxing’s biggest event in a long time, and it doesn’t even involve two boxers. But Saturday night’s weird grudge match between two, less-than-likable athletes, could also be a big opportunity for casino affiliates to snag a few fresh conversion.

Here’s everything you need to know about promoting a seriously weird sporting event.

There’s no two ways about it, the match up between boxing’s biggest star, Floyd Mayweather and MMA’s biggest star, Connor McGregor, is very much out of the ordinary. In fact, this event has played out more like a circus sideshow since the two men entered into a feud several years ago.

But sideshows can definitely be good for business. We all know that serious gamblers are steering clear of this event, but that’s probably not true for the newbies. They’re looking for a fun night and they’re most likely to place small wagers on McGregor, who’s currently posted as a +400 underdog.

These folks are also the folks who are interested in placing proposition bets, and this event has plenty of them. For that reason, casino affiliates should be pointing their content efforts towards prop bets like, “Will both fighters get knocked down?” – which pays out at +500 if they do.

As is always the case, casino affiliates should make registering and depositing with their preferred casinos as easy as possible for new players. Be sure and post plenty of content that guides your newest potential players through the registration process in as straightforward a manner as possible.

While boxing fans and sharp money are sitting Mayweather-McGregor out, the general public is piling on for a major freak show. So embrace this freak show and snag as many conversions from it as you possibly can.

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William Hill Set to Open Shops at 6 ARC Tracks

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Sunday 20 August 2017 3:16 pm

William Hill, one of the UK’s largest bookmakers, is entering a deal with the Arena Racing Company (ARC) which will have them opening six new betting shops at ARC tracks across the UK. It’s a deal that allows William Hill to expand its UK footprint, while also thumbing its nose at one of its biggest domestic rivals.

The company is actually taking over business at tracks that were once run by the UK’s other massive bookmaker, Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes and ARC have been locked in a six-month battle over ARC’s new television division, The Racing Partnership (TRP) which would have had Ladbrokes/Betfred airing TRP races at their thousands of UK retail outlets.

While the feud was ongoing, it has since been resolved, TRP inked its deal with William Hill, leaving Ladbrokes in the dust.

The first new trackside betting shops has already opened, without fanfare at Doncaster track, where the company is sponsoring the St Leger next month. Opening dates have also been set for facilities at Wolverhampton, Royal Windsor, Southwell,Lingfield Park and Worcester.

In a statement to the press, as reported on by the Racing Post, William Hill’s divisional director for the northern region Steven White said:

The William Hill facilities at Doncaster are already proving popular so we’re excited about extending our presence to the on-course betting facilities at six of Arc’s racecourses.

Because of a quirk in the licensing process for the new shops, the opening dates have been staggered throughout the summer. ARC is the UK’s largest track operator with 15 facilities across the country.

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DraftKings Sets Sights on Irish Expansion

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Friday 18 August 2017 3:14 pm

DraftKings, the once ubiquitous US daily fantasy sports site, is looking to expand its international operations to Ireland. It’s the first major expansion announcement from the company since US regulators put the brakes on its proposed merger with its biggest rival, FanDuel.

News of the proposed expansion was first reported by business news site and suggests that DraftKings will be moving quickly to stake ground in the Emerald Isle. The company’s chief international officer, Jeffrey Haas told the site that he hopes to have DraftKings Ireland fully operational by the end of the year.

As is so often the case with DraftKings, the company is taking great lengths to assure a place in the gaming marketplace, but definitely doesn’t want to be labelled, or regulated, like a gaming company. To that end, Haas recently submitted paperwork to the Irish Department of Finance requesting that his company be taxed at 4-5 percent and treated like an online skill game operator, not a bookmaker.

Though DraftKings is keen to do business in Ireland, company officials aren’t quite as eager to actually set up shop there. As of this writing, the company has no plans to actually open an office in Ireland. That said, Haas hedged his bets a bit when asked specifically about an Irish office saying, “Let’s see how our (Irish) business becomes established and grows over time.”

So why did DraftKings choose Ireland as the target of its international expansion? Haas told Fora it had to do with enthusiastic Irish football fans saying, “Irish sports fans are incredibly passionate and they make themselves known wherever they are found. I’ve seen that attending a lot of Liverpool matches at Anfield Stadium. I know Liverpool FC is very popular in Ireland and we have a great partnership with Liverpool.”

Should DraftKings actually secure a spot in the Irish market, it will have to content with Paddy Power, a very established Irish bookmaker that’s recently ventured into the daily fantasy sports market. That rivalry could wind up being as fierce as the rivalry with FanDuel. We’ll know for certain next year.

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Paddy Power (Briefly) Suspended from Twitter

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Wednesday 16 August 2017 9:17 pm

Paddy Power has a reputation for being the online gambling operator that’s willing to push the envelope when it comes to online marketing on social media. That reputation, however, may have caught up with the Irish bad boys this week when their Twitter account (@paddypower) was briefly suspended for violating the social media service’s terms and conditions.

The suspension occurred some time in the wee hours of Monday morning and lasted for just a few hours. Paddy Power followers who visited the site during that time were greeted with a message reading, “Account Suspended: Twitter Suspends Accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.”

Given that Twitter is an absolute cesspool of repugnant ideas at time and is often used as a terrorist recruitment tool, it’s tough to imagine what a mainstream, albeit cheeky, company like Paddy Power could have done to violate its terms and conditions. As of this writing, the company has not posted any information about the block on its official media channels about the block.

Within just a few hours, Paddy Power was back in business on Twitter and merrily tweeting soccer odds and betting promotions. The bookmakers who always seem ready with a joke greeted their return in a manner which one might expect from them. Their first post-ban post was a .gif of Grease-era John Travolta turning towards the camera with a cigarette dangling from his mouth and a boyish grin on his face. The caption read, “Oh, we were suspended? I hadn’t noticed.”

Paddy Power’s 632,000 Twitter followers joined in the fun posting comments like, “How did it happen, Paddy? You didn’t call anyone a naughty word did you?” and, “Were you interfering with a face guard??”.

As of this writing, Paddy Power’s Twitter account is fully functional and appears no worse for the wear in its post-ban life.

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Aristocrat Leisure Acquires Plarium in Digital Market Bid

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Monday 14 August 2017 3:18 pm

Late last week, Aristocrat Leisure announced that it is acquiring Plarium, an Israeli social gaming firm, in a deal worth right around $ 500 million (USD). It’s a move designed to catapult the well known slot machine maker into the digital marketplace in a significant manner.

Filings surrounding the deal were filed with Australian financial regulators last week and detail a plan for Aristocrat to pay $ 500 million to acquire the entire holdings of Plarium. Aristocrat will pay out the deal using existing cash holdings and make payments over a seven year period.

The Plarium acquisition is expected to boost Aristocrat Leisure’s presence in the digital marketplace in a significant way. As of this writing, the company has 1,200 employees worldwide and boasts nine digital/social gaming titles. Currently, the most popular title in its portfolio is Vikings: War of Clans.

It’s expected that Aristocrat Leisure will retain all of Plarium’s existing employees once the acquisition is completed. Plarium CEO and founder, Avraham Shale will retain his leadership role in the organization for the foreseeable future.

In a statement to the media, as reported on by the Jerusalem Post, Aristocrat Leisure CEO Trevor Croker described the deal as follows:

The acquisition of Plarium allows Aristocrat to expand our addressable market into logical adjacent segments in the fast growing mobile social gaming market. This immediately expands our addressable market from US$ 3.2 billion in the Social Casino segment, to US$ 25.4 billion when including the Strategy, Casual and RPG segments. It also provides us a stronger platform to target the US$ 43.6 billion overall mobile and web games market as growth segments.

Aussie financial regulators are expected to put their stamp of approval on the deal by the end of the year.

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Antigua Appoints Calvin Ayre as Special Economic Envoy

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Saturday 12 August 2017 3:14 pm

The island nation of Antigua has named online gambling legend Calvin Ayre as a Special Economic Envoy charged with advising the country’s leaders on blockchain and bitcoin technology. It’s a move designed to help reinvigorate the nation’s struggling internet gambling sector, and also a bit of a thumb of the nose at the United States.

Ayre is certainly the right person for a role like this as he offers a perspective of the internet gambling industry from one of the most successful names in the industry. Although he isn’t as well known as a bitcoin entrepreneur, Ayre is considered extremely knowledgeable on the subject of crypto currency.

Having Ayre on deck will certainly be an advantage for the Antiguan government and people as they struggle to rebuild their once mighty online gambling industry. The island’s gambling economy took a major hit when the United States officially made online gambling illegal for its citizens in 2003. That move devastated the Antiguan economy and led the country’s economic officials to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization that claimed the Americans were stifling free trade.

After years of litigation, the WTO sided with the Antiguans and told the US to pony up approximately $ 21 million to compensate for the island’s financial losses. (Antiguan officials claim the US prohibition cost them billions of dollars, but $ 21 million was all they were awarded.) Despite the WTO’s ruling, the US has never paid up and Antigua was actually awarded the right to sell an equivalent amount of copyrighted US material in lieu of payment, an option the Antiguans have yet to take up.

Mr. Ayre will also offer his unique perspective on fighting the American government. This is something of a specialty for the mega-millionaire who recently had all charges dropped in a case of illegal gambling brought on by the US Department of Justice.

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Casinos Working on Turning e-Sports Players into Regular Gamblers

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Thursday 10 August 2017 3:15 pm

Land-based casinos are dealing with a challenge that casino affiliates are all too familiar with, converting players.

Only in this case, the casinos are struggling with the challenge of converting e-sports players into traditional gamblers; the kind who sit at the tables and lose big bucks over extended periods. It’s a massive challenge that could mean life or death for the casino business as a whole.

Part of the challenge casinos are facing when it comes to converting e-sports players is that the e-sports business is so young, most operators simply don’t have much of a handle on what works and what doesn’t. This subject was addressed recently by Kevin Ortzman, Atlantic City regional president for Caesars Entertainment in an interview with who said:

Everybody’s still trying to figure out — how do you make this appealing for the consumer and make sense for the business? How do we all profit from this?

Ortzman ran into this challenge firsthand when Caesars hosted an e-sports tournament with over 900 players but was disappointed to find that players weren’t streaming from the video dome to the casino floor:

We certainly experienced a spike in our hospitality offerings — the hotel, food and beverage side of things. We didn’t see as much on the gambling side, which we weren’t terribly surprised by.

Overall, land-based casinos are hoping that investing in e-sports players now, while they’re young, will pay off when those same players grow up and have more discretionary income they can spend on gambling.

It’s a pretty big assumption, but it’s one that the traditional casinos are wagering quite a bit on.

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Social Slots Drive Zynga to Profitable Q2

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Friday 4 August 2017 3:15 pm

Zynga, the once dominant social gaming giant, posted a profitable Q2 2017 on the strength of its social slots products. Word that Zynga is operating in the black is the first good news the company has seen in a very long time.

But before you applaud the return of the creators of Farmville and Zynga Poker, you’ll want to know that company officials are already warning of reduced revenue for Q3.

Earlier this week Zynga reported revenue of $ 209 million for Q2. That represents a 15 percent jump over the Q2 2016. Besides posting increased revenue, the company had a profit of $ 5.1 million for the same period. That’s a major improvement over Q2 2016, when Zynga showed losses of $ 4.4 million.

On the ground,or in cyberspace, where sales actually, Zynga benefited from its very active user base. Zynga players spent 20 percent more on in-game sales than they did this time last year, according to a report on

Not surprisingly, a good share of Zynga’s revenue came from mobile bookings, which were $ 179.9 million from this time last year. Mobile revenue accounted for a whopping 86 percent of Zynga’s revenue total for the quarter.

Zynga also saw success in its social slots division, which posted its highest earnings ever. Revenue in that department was up 6 percent over the previous year’s earnings.

Finally, Zynga Poker recently celebrated its tenth birthday with an astonishing 61 percent growth in its mobile earnings.

Zynga’s good news quarter may, in fact, be its last one for a while. Company officials are already tempering expectations for another stellar quarter in the fall.


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