UK Labour Party Says No More Gambling Jersey Sponsorships

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Thursday 7 September 2017 3:17 pm

The UK Labour Party has pledged to put an end football jersey sponsorship by gambling operators. It’s a move that party leaders say will help combat both problem and underage gambling.

Word of Labour’s proposed war on gambling logos was outlined in a statement from the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson. In his missive, Watson made it clear that the proposed gambling logo ban was just one of several moves the party is considering in its efforts to curb problem gambling.

Watson compared banning gambling logos on soccer jerseys to a similar ban on sponsorships by tobacco companies, enacted in 2005, saying:

Just as tobacco companies were banned from sponsoring sporting events and putting their logos on branded goods because of the harm smoking can cause it’s right that we recognise the harm problem gambling does and take gambling logos off football shirts.

While the Labour Party is dead set on removing gambling operators from football kits, the overall impact of such a move is still very much under debate. A recent article on points out that only a small number of operators with logo deals in the UK do very much business in the country. That same article also notes that problem gamblers account for just .08% of the country’s entire population.

As evidence of why the logo ban is a great idea, Watson pointed out that the UK Football Association (FA) already has a logo ban of this sort in place. That ban, he said, should extend to the time UK children spend watching football, too.

All this bluster, however, will remain bluster until the Labour Party retakes control of the British Government.

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Sky Betting & Gaming Set to Shut Down Casino Affiliate Marketing Program

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Tuesday 5 September 2017 3:18 pm

Sky Betting & Gaming (SB&G) is shutting down its casino affiliate marketing program in the wake of some scathing media coverage and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. It’s a significant move that could signal seismic shifts in the casino affiliate marketing business.

SB&G informed its affiliate partners of its decision on Monday in an e-mail that spoke of a changing regulatory environment that made maintaining the program no longer viable.

Casino affiliates and their operator partners have been under increased scrutiny from both the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for their business practices. In particular, the government seems concerned that some affiliate programs are in need of more regulatory oversight, especially when it comes to rollovers and other promotions. The situation was made worse when The Guardian ran an article suggested that some affiliates were actively encouraging problem gamblers to make long odds bets.

In its statement to its (former) affiliate partners the company explained the situation as follows:

Following a comprehensive strategic review, Sky Betting and Gaming has decided to close its UK affiliate programme. This difficult decision has been taken to give us more control of our marketing outputs and standards to ensure that we can continue to meet the changing regulatory requirements in our sector.

Over at and other industry forums, SB&G’s former affiliate partners were understandably disappointed (and angry) and some even threatened legal action. Though what recourse they have if the company keeps its word and pays out any outstanding charges is unclear.

SB&G says that their casino affiliate marketing program will be completely shuttered by October 2.

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Ladbrokes Coral Volunteers for Extra Greyhound Tax

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Sunday 3 September 2017 3:15 pm

UK-based operator Ladbrokes-Coral is bucking the long-held traditions of capitalism and has voluntarily agreed to pay taxes on revenue it collects from offshore greyhound racing wagers. It’s a move that sounds fairly altruistic on its face but, when all is said and done, winds up serving the company’s needs.

Earlier this week, the company announced that at the beginning of the year it would begin voluntarily ponying up a ten percent tax on revenue derived from offshore wagers placed on UK track events. The company’s willingness to pay a tax on international wagers is voluntary while the tax on domestic wagers is not.

Ladbroke Coral is waiting until the beginning of 2018 to implement the plan as that’s when all UK operators begin paying ten percent on horse and greyhound wagers as opposed to the .06 percent they pay today.

Revenue collected from the greyhound tax will flow into the British Greyhound Racing Fund. This fund is used to help subsidize the rapidly fading UK greyhound racing industry. That industry is frequented by just three percent of the UK population, according to a statistic published recently on

Ladbrokes Coral CEO Jim Mullen said that while the company doesn’t necessarily think the new taxes are essential, “…we do recognize that it is time for the industry to move on and start to rebuild the sport.”

His company is actually in a good spot for recognizing what’s going on in the dog racing business as it operates four UK greyhound racing tracks. In that capacity, Ladbrokes Coral stands to see a decent return on its voluntary tax paying.

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888 Hit with $10 Million Fine for Failing to Protect Problem Gamblers

Posted by admin | Casino Affiliates | Friday 1 September 2017 3:14 pm

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) hit 888 Holdings, Inc. with a whopping $ 10 million fine for failing to adequately protect problem gamblers against their own, self-destructive behavior. The fine comes after months of investigation and could have resulted in the ultimate penalty; a suspension of the company’s UK gambling license.

888′s troubles started last year when a glitch in the company’s software allowed self-identified problem gamblers to continue depositing money with the Gibraltar-based operator. This problem went on for more than a year, during which time at least 7,000 problem gamblers deposited at least $ 3.5 million in deposits.

Operators such as 888 are held to pretty high standards when it comes to protecting problem gamblers and the UKGC say 888 seriously dropped the ball when it came to this aspect of the business. After the investigation, the UKGC reported that the company failed to spot any of the warning signs that problem gamblers were using their site. They pointed out that one of the effected players stole $ 55,000 from his employer in order to keep playing. Another player played over a million dollars during that same period.

While 888 couldn’t have been happy about the size of the fine the company and its investors know that the situation could have been a lot worse. There was a very real possibility that 888 Holdings could have lost its UK gambling license entirely.

In that regard, the multi-million dollar fine was actually a bit of good news and the market reacted accordingly. When news of the fine broke, shares in 888 Holdings rose in value by almost six percent. As one analyst pointed out on, the fine is actually good news to investors because it, “…removes uncertainty.”

Company officials say that they accept the fine and are ready to move forward from the incident.

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