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Loot Boxes are Now Considered Gambling in Belgium

Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) is the latest group of gaming regulators to decide that video game loot boxes are, indeed, a form of gambling. In a report released yesterday, the BGC declared that loot boxes must be removed from video games sold in the country. Video game makers who are …

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Danish Political Parties Declare War on Bonus Offers

Bonus offers have long been one of the most effective weapons in the gambling operator’s marketing arsenal but the ubiquitous practice is under fire across the European market. In the UK, gaming regulators have been working to reign in deceptive bonus offers and in Denmark, a new effort is underway …

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Dutch Regulators Investigating 4 Video Games for Loot Box Violations

The potential that video game loot boxes are a form of gambling that should be regulated and licensed has emerged in Holland. Members of the Dutch Gambling Authority (DGA) have reviewed 10 popular (but unnamed) video games to determine whether or not their techniques for distributing loot boxes are in …

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Washington Social Casino Lawsuit Spawns…More Social Casino Lawsuits

A judge’s recent decision declaring social casino gaming to be a form of gambling in a lawsuit against Big Fish Games has spawned a flurry of new lawsuits against social. free-to-play, operators. In the last week alone, Huuge Games, DoubleDown Interactive, High5 Games, and Playtika have all been hit with …

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PGA Tour Commissioner Calls for Legalized Sports Betting

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan is joining the chorus of voices calling for the legalization of sports betting in the United States. And like his peers in the rest of the major leagues (which the PGA is rarely included in) he would like a cut of the action to go …

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France Looks to Sell Half of Française des Jeux Lottery Via IPO

A cash-strapped French government is looking to sell off half of the Française des Jeux FDJ lottery via an initial public offering (IPO). It’s part of a major privatization move that could put as much as $ 10 billion Euros ($ 12.8 billion) back in government coffers and constitutes a …

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