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Building an On the internet Poker FAQ

One of the most informative pages on any website is the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page. This is especially true for an online poker affiliate site where new players could be overwhelmed by the thought of playing online poker. These players need assurances about the safety of online poker and how to make a deposit into an online poker room.

Many searches these days are asked in the form of a question. This should be considered when writing your FAQ. You can use Google Keywords to see what specific questions are being asked about your genre. This should give you a good place to start.

The first thing an online poker affiliate should think about when creating an FAQ is what type of player their website attracts. If the website is aimed at a specific online poker room or network then the FAQ should be geared towards that poker room or network. If the website is a broad term website then it should be aimed at poker in general. Coaching and strategy websites will attract a more advanced type of player so these types of sites might want to avoid “What is online poker?” type questions, although it never hurts to have more content than less.

Rakeback FAQ

There are many types of questions that players ask when inquiring about rakeback. If you are a PAS publisher then you can log into your Publisher Admin and check under support. Search for all closed tickets. That is where you will see the types of questions your players are asking PAS support. These types of questions include:

  • What is rakeback?

This is a common search terms so this should be the top question in your FAQ. Fully explain what rakeback is, how it is possible to get rakeback and why players should not play without it.

  • How does a bonus affect rakeback?

Some online poker rooms deduct bonuses from rakeback and some do not. This would be a good place to explain which rooms players should choose if they are concerned about rakeback deductions.

  • How often is rakeback paid?

Some rooms pay rakeback hourly while others pay it daily or weekly. This is a good place to explain which rooms pay rakeback when.

  • How is rakeback computed?

Some online poker rooms use the weighted contributed method, some use dealt and some use a formula that is neither. Explain which rooms pay how and what the difference is between the formulas.

Bonus Poker Sites

Bonus poker sites are aimed at the same types of players that rakeback sites are aimed. These types of questions may also be used on rakeback sites although the rakeback questions may not fit here unless there is cross marketing. Here are some bonus FAQ ideas.

  • What is the best online poker bonus?

Explain which poker rooms have the best bonus structures and what the value of the bonus is.

  • What is a poker bonus?

Explain poker bonuses in detail. Discuss how a bonus is cleared and how there are time limits on how long a poker room gives a player to clear a bonus.

  • How to clear a poker bonus?

Explain how the best poker bonuses clear. This explanation should include what the bonus terms are such as how the bonus releases, how much rake needs to be paid and when the bonus expires.

General Poker Room Affiliate Sites

General poker sites are often aimed at beginner players. These FAQs should include what new players might be asking.

  • How do I deposit into an online poker room?

Explain how to make an online poker deposit. This includes deposit methods that may be country specific, especially if you promote U.S. online poker rooms.

  • Is online poker legal?

This is a common question asked by new online poker players. Your answer should include country specific answers for regulated countries and legal references and links in non regulated countries.

  • Is online poker safe?

Explain how gaming commissions and poker room’s policies keep player’s money safe.

  • How do I withdraw from an online poker room?

This is the same as the deposit question. Give some country specific examples too.

Coaching and Strategy Sites

Coaching and strategy websites will have a unique customer base. These poker players are often familiar with how to play online poker and are looking to improve their game. Some of the possible questions for your FAQ include:

  • Where can I play Omaha/Stud/HORSE online?

These can be broken up into separate questions with the answer giving a list of poker rooms that offer a high volume of these non hold’em games.

  • How can I get free poker coaching?

Many successful online poker coaches offer players a certain rake incentive where they can receive free access to coaching videos or one on one coaching. Set an obtainable level that will benefit both you and your players. Keep in mind that the better your player get the more they will rake.

  • Which poker rooms have the most fish?

This is always a debatable question but it never hurts to give your opinion and back it up. Any well thought out answer here will be unique and appreciated by the search engines.

These are just some ideas. You have probably come up with more ideas just from reading this. Having a fresh and unique FAQ page will help convert your players and draw them from the search engines.

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