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Expert Poker: A Possible Job Option?

In today’s world, parents are growing all the more skeptical about their children choosing to play poker and taking it as a full-time career option. It is fairly understandable to see them getting terrified on their kids taking the casino path. However, parents should not have too much to complain, especially when there are greater levels of security. Of all these career options, such as media/television/publishing, or banking, or just any other desk job, not even a single path is worth walking on for the rest of the life. And as long as the kids are smart and sensible, parents need not worry about them picking up poker as a career choice. After all, it is no longer a game of the old, drunken losers; modern-day poker is more about the best mathematics geniuses.

Those who still see poker as an outlaw entertainment session for old men sitting in dusty club rooms, throwing their orthodox thinking in the bin would be a wise option for new-age parents. Following the Internet revolution, young adults age 21 and above are playing free poker games online. Websites like poker freerolls at websites such as Bovada.lv and similar others provide active opportunities to the new generation to experience the best poker online. This lends a very useful hand in honing their skills from the very beginning. Moreover, the regular inflow of great monetary rewards makes them think of poker as a professional career option.

At present, the World Series of Poker is the best example showing how young mathematical geniuses and slow and steady strategists are approaching the traditional card game in a professional manner. There is a huge army of young, clever and well-educated enthusiasts who are using their mathematical abilities to turn the probabilities of winning the game towards them. The modern generation is way more shrewd and sensible than what their parents probably know, and follow proper measure, strategies and bankroll management techniques to avoid any probability of going skint in a matter of seconds. There are several young professionals who have constantly proven that they can develop their abilities to play poker and turn this leisure activity into a safer and prosperous profession.

Peter Eastgate

Born on 13 December 1985, Peter belongs to the group of youngsters, who either prefer spending most of their time flirting with girls at social networks, playing video games, or just hanging around at their friends’ place for random parties. However, Peter didn’t want to be a part of the carefree generation and decided to do something different, something better. While trying his luck at online Texas Hold’em at the age of 18, he established a good amount of bankroll as an incentive for participating in a few high stakes online poker real money games. After having played a number of live tournaments, Peter qualified for the WSOP event through an online competition. He managed to cross through a tight field of 6,844 players from all around the world, and reach the final table with 18,375,000 chips by his side. After a healthy battle at the final table, Peter Eastgate managed to defeat Ivan Demidov and  became the youngest ever WSOP main event champion. Though he retired at an early age of 24 with a strong history and lifetime worth winnings, Eastgate is still a strong inspiration for many young and enthusiastic poker players around the world.

Jason Young

Leaving a full-time job for becoming a poker professional can be a challenging decision, unless one is sure of winning the bigger pot. This is the story of Jason Young, a young American poker pro, who quit his job to fulfil his dream of becoming a poker champ. It was at the 2008 WSOP $ 1,500 Buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Shootout event when Jason lived his dream by finishing first with around $ 330,000 added to his bankroll. Though the amount of final reward isn’t enough, he qualifies to the list of inspirers, following whom the younger generation is motivated to use their poker skills to develop a professional career.

Joe Cada

Yet another name in the list of youngsters dominating the WSOP main events,  Joe Cada was just 21 when he finished at the first spot in $ 10,000 No Limit Texas Hold ‘em event, with over $ 8,540,000 worth of cash added to his bank account. Cada has managed to reach the WSOP final table twice in the subsequent events, but was ruled out by someone stronger. With his name listed at the third place in the highest all-time money winner’s chart, he is a motivational figure for thousands of young poker enthusiasts worldwide.

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