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Getting Started with PAS

It may seem intimating to set up your PAS site but it could not be easier. The first step is to set up your PAS publisher account here.

We will ask you to enter some information about yourself. This includes what types of offers you are looking to promote and whether you already have a website. If you do not have a website then that is not a problem. We can get you set up easily.

Website Creation

The next step is to enter your website. If you already have a poker related domain name then you are all set. If you do not have a domain name then you have one of two options. You may buy one through a domain seller such as GoDaddy or you may use a subdomain under Pokeraffiliatesolutions.com. If you intend to create content and wish for players to find your website through search engines then you should consider buying a domain. The cost is only about $ 10. If your sole intention is to refer friends then using a sub domain may be appropriate.

After filling in your personal details, it’s usually best to select the top option (you can get more info on the other products later):

Creating Website

The next step is to create your free website. You must first name your new website. To keep the process simple, try to use a name that is closely related to your domain. This will be helpful when you expand later and have multiple websites in our system.

Name your website so you can identify it in the PAS admin for your various administration.

Choosing/Adding a Domain

You must then choose if you wish to use your domain, a subdomain on your domain, or a Poker Affiliate Solutions subdomain. If you own a domain name then the first two choices are what you should choose. If you already have an existing website then you should choose to use a subdomain that would look like rakeback.yourdomain.com. That is because using the domain will not work since you already have content on it, unless you wish to discard your existing website and replace it with one of ours.

If you use your own domain then you will need to login to your domain registrar and change the Domain Name Server (DNS) to match the ones in the signup process. This is done by choosing a choice that will be similar to “Update DNS” in the domain registrar’s login area.

PAS Site Layouts

Your next option is to choose how you would like your PAS site to appear. We offer several layouts including different menus and colors. Your signup process is then complete. You are in business as a PAS publisher.

Your website will automatically display many online poker offers. Players that sign up through your website will be tracked to you. You may click “View Offer” to change your offers. Simply click and unclick the offers you wish to change. You may also reorder your offers by clicking and dragging the offers and placing them in the order that you wish. You may also edit the settings that you entered during the signup process.

You have set up your PAS site in a matter of minutes and are now ready to do some customization, if you choose. In our next part of this series, we will explore the admin for some of the more common tasks.

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