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Google’s Mysterious Barges Appear in Both Coasts

A mysterious floating building was sighted in the coast of San Francisco Bay. Another one was spotted just off the coast of Portland, Maine. Could it be an ark for the end of times? Could it be a floating building from the tsunami? Is it a giant floating Apple store? Or could it be Google’s new data center?

Who is building the floating building?

Locals scratched their heads and refer to the four-story construction on a floating barge as a secret project. If people can make stories about a floating log, they can make up stories about a four-story floating building. However, now it is almost certain that the barge is linked to Google. Google refused to comment on the matter, but documents obtained from the Coast Guard confirm Google, Turner and Cianbro Corp.’s fingerprints all over the floating building.

What is the purpose of the building?

Some say it could be a floating Google data center because in 2009, Google was granted a patent for a water-based data center. The patent describes a data center on a ship that is perpetually powered by ocean currents. It uses sea water to cool the servers.

It could also be a Google Glass store. Apparently, Google wants to build a store without looking like it is ripping off Apple, so why not make a floating store, right? CNET reports that an anonymous source said Google plans to float the Glass stores from city to city by rivers. It could be a bit odd but anything is possible with Google.

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