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Information on Carbon Poker Affiliate Rates

In this morning’s Carbon Poker post we explained how the new VIP program will affect rakeback players, but many of you are likely also wondering how the new policy stacks up for current rakeback affiliates?

Under the previous rakeback plan, affiliates received 40% but 35% in rakeback was deducted directly from commissions, effectively giving affiliates a 5% margin. Former Rakeback affiliates will now be converted to a new revenue-share offer which will pay 40% net, with deductions such as player rewards coming out of gross rake and NOT commissions. The changes will also apply to Aced.

An Illustration of the New Commission Plan

To illustrate this example lets look at how commissions will be handled for an affiliate that was promoting 35% flat rakeback compared to an affiliate now promoting the VIP program. In each case, we will say that the affiliate has a player earning 35% rakeback or the VIP equivalent of 35%.

Rakeback (old): $ 100 generated in rake, $ 35 would be paid to the player and $ 5 would be paid to affiliate.
Revenue share (new): $ 100 generated in rake, $ 35 would be paid to the player in VIP rewards, affiliates would then receive 40% of the remaining amount ($ 65), which is $ 26.

Please note that in order to simplify both examples additional deductions were not included.

Affiliate Actions:

As a rakeback affiliate, there is nothing you need to do in regards to this new revenue-share commission plan. All links will remain intact and we will make sure sort out any technical issues that arise (please contact us with any issues or questions that come up). Make sure that you inform your RAKEBACK members to use their VIP Points before January 31st, as they will not be transferable. Players that signed up to the VIP program are not affected. Lastly, make sure to update your offer pages to reflect the new program. In the next few days we will also be uploading new creatives for you to use in your marketing.


As illustrated, affiliates are likely much better off with this change due to higher margins. The only circumstance in which affiliates are worse off is if volume drops to a level which negates the increase in effective commission.

Coming soon we will provide a guide and insight on how Carbon Poker stacks up against other US facing poker rooms and the other options available to you and your members.

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