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March US On-line Poker Payment Processing Report

There were a few changes since the February report. The most notable is the removal of the Merge Gaming cashier. This was done due to the loss of most U.S. facing Merge Gaming skins that used the processor. Aced moved away from this cashier earlier this month and there is a lack of information about withdrawal speeds and the number of rooms still using it so it has been removed.

Bodog/Bovada A (A)

Bovada tops this month’s report. They also top the US market in terms of cash game traffic. Everything has been going great for the Bodog Poker Network lately and their cashout speeds are no exception.

Bovada players can cashout by check, bank wire and cash transfer. Checks arrive in 1-2 weeks and have a limit of $ 3,000. Bank wires arrive in about a month and have a limit of $ 5,000. Players receive one free cashout by either of these methods each month. Additional checks or wires carry a $ 50 fee.

Cash transfers arrive in 1-3 days and the following fees apply:

Money Transfer/WU
• $ 100 – $ 200 Fee: $ 40
• $ 201 – $ 500 Fee: $ 50
• $ 501 – $ 1000 Fee: $ 80
• $ 1001 – $ 2000 Fee: $ 150

Rapid Transfer/MG
• $ 100 – $ 200 Fee: $ 20
• $ 201 – $ 400 Fee: $ 30
• $ 401 – $ 600 Fee: $ 45
• $ 601 – $ 800 Fee: $ 60

Intertops A (A)

Intertops is a member of the Revolution Gaming Network that consistently ranks towards the top of our survey. Intertops no longer accepts new players from the US but they still service existing players.

Intertops offers US players three withdrawal options. Intertops players may choose between check, bank wire and cash transfer. All options are expensive, but most players are willing to pay the fees to receive quick payouts.

Checks arrive in about a week and have a limit of $ 3,000. Bank wires arrive in 2-4 weeks and have a $ 2,500 limit. Both options carry a $ 50 fee. Cash transfers arrive in 1-3 days and may be requested for amounts up to $ 2,000 with the following fees:

• $ 150-$ 500 Fee: $ 70
• $ 501-$ 1000 Fee: $ 85
• $ 1001-$ 2000 Fee: $ 180

Winning Poker Network A- (A)

The Winning Poker Network’s cashier handles players from Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker. US players on the Winning Poker Network looking to withdraw may choose between a debit card, check or cash transfer.

Players may request a debit card for a $ 25 fee. There is a $ 4.95 monthly maintenance fee and a fee of $ 3 for every withdrawal. The card arrives in 2-3 weeks. Once a player has it in their possession they will receive their request in 2-5 days. Players may request one debit card withdrawal each week up to $ 2,500 per transaction for a maximum of $ 10,000 each month.

Checks arrive in 2-3 weeks and have a $ 65 fee. The Winning Poker Network allows one free check withdrawal each month. The maximum check amount is $ 2,995.

Cash transfers may be processed up to $ 1,500 and arrive in 2-5 days. The following fees apply to Winning Poker Network cash transfers:

• $ 100 – $ 299 Fee: $ 60
• $ 300 – $ 499 Fee: $ 70
• $ 500 – $ 749 Fee: $ 85
• $ 750 – $ 999 Fee: $ 95
• $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 Fee: $ 110

Carbon Poker/Aced/Jazette C (C+)

Aced now uses the same cashier used by Carbon Poker, PlayersOnly and Sportsbook.com. US players have one cashout option on this cashier. That option is a check. Players can receive up to $ 2,500 on one check and multiple cashouts may be processed on one check if the cumulative amount is $ 2,500 or less. Checks arrive in 4-7 weeks after the first cashout is requested. Subsequent requests that keep the total at or below $ 2,500 do not affect the check processing time.

Lock Poker D (D+)

Lock Poker is the flagship of the Revolution Network. They continue to struggle with cashout speeds to both US players and those across the world. Checks to US players arrive in 3-4 months. Cash transfers are processed in about two months. Players receive both options for free. Players outside the U.S. are reporting cashout speeds of 6-8 weeks to international ewallets, which is a cause for additional concern.

Juicy Stakes D- (D-)

Juicy Stakes is also a member of the Revolution Gaming Network. Like Lock Poker, Juicy Stakes also struggles with payouts to players across the world. US players report check withdrawal speeds in the 4-5 month range with no fee. That is the only option for US players. Players outside of the US report 4-6 week withdrawal speeds to ewallets.

All of these online poker rooms can be found at PAS sister site RakeTracker.

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