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NoiQ Poker Completes Merger with 24h Poker, Migration to Microgaming

On November 7th, NoiQ Poker merged into 24h Poker and subsequently migrated to the Microgaming Network. Nowadays we can proudly report that existing PAS players of NoiQ will get 30% grandfathered rakeback on 24h Poker. In addition, publishers may possibly get started marketing 24h Poker to new gamers efficient quickly.

Grandfathered Rakeback

Previous NoiQ Poker players who perform on 24h Poker will instantly get an distinctive Loyalty System “Platinum” upgrade to 30% flat, the exact same rate they acquired on the Entraction/IGT Network. Players receive the thirty% fee by exchanging Loyalty Details at a rate of 33 details for each $ 1. In addition, any seldom used factors above this fee can be exchanged for tournament purchase-ins at a 325 per €1 charge.

Be sure to note that all PAS people that had NoiQ trackers on their account have experienced freshly produced 24h Poker trackers additional to their accounts so they continue to keep an eye on MGR.

New Costs and Supply for New Indication-Ups

Existing publishers who promoted NoiQ Poker will instantly have the new 24h Poker offer additional to their web sites productive today. The new rate will be 12% GROSS profits-talk about with equally new and current gamers getting put beneath this account. PAS has assessed this successful commission rate to be above 30% profits discuss provided the vast quantity of deductions that are relevant to non-gross prices, which would normally contain grandfathered rakeback, bonuses, a twenty% admin price, a worthwhile lineup of promotions and a lot much more. This is a reliable charge not only for new indication-ups, but a great price for your grandfathered thirty% flat rakeback players.

24h Poker will not offer 30% flat rakeback to new gamers via PAS (or other affiliates) at this time rather they will provide the normal VIP program and people will have to function their way up to the top rated thirty% price by means of the standard channels (versus the instantaneous upgrade to grandfathered gamers).

The New Community= An Improvement for All

Each NoiQ Poker and 24h Poker ended up owned by IGame so the new consolidated manufacturer will continue being beneath the same possession. Because of this truth, we assume gamers to get pleasure from numerous of the identical varieties of promotions that they obtained when under NoiQ Poker (such as a €20,000 Rake Race this month). Moreover, players will now enjoy a significantly better game assortment on the new internet site. For instance, as an alternative of 400-600 actual funds players obtainable on regular — as was the situation the previous few months at IGT — players will now appreciate an regular of one,five hundred players via the day – a excellent 2x-3x much more liquidity.

We feel this migration to be a optimistic growth for affiliates that have seen their NoiQ Poker revenue lessen as the IGT Poker network has slowly and gradually winded down to their eventual closing, which will consider place by the conclude of the yr.

If you have any questions at all about the new 24h Poker, make sure you get in touch with us and we will be glad to solution them for you.

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