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PAS Responds to Libelous “News” Report

The following is a statement from PAS administration regarding a modern libelous report about PAS on an affiliate “news” site.

On Tuesday, a poker news web site posted a libelous tale with regards to conversation and payments at PAS. Commonly we sense that attacks these kinds of as these do not warrant nor deserve a response. Sadly, nowadays we need to make an exception.

The report posted on Wednesday is not only stuffed with primarily bogus, misleading and old information, but the publisher of the write-up is from a firm that is a direct competitor of PAS. We welcome criticism from our buyers and openness in the online poker local community. What we don’t welcome is a competitor presenting fake info and 50 percent-truths with no extra investigation, all disguised as a reputable, impartial news source. The prospective harm that this kind of a misleading and certainly biased report can have on our valued publishers, members and our enterprise cannot be overlooked, which is why we feel we need to respond.

The piece has several troubles but a few glaring troubles stand out. In short, the article leads in with an case in point of communication and cashout delays at PAS. They significantly over-dramatize the predicament by major in with a Year Aged quote to describe a separate issue. Moreover, they assert that a mid-July cashout even now stays unprocessed. If they would have checked their sources they would have found out that cashout was produced in mid-September.

We have been open with our publishers about the delays and issues we currently face (which yet again, are significantly exaggerated in that post). Several months ago we introduced a a thousand term assertion to publishers, which can be viewed from the cashier segment of the admin. In the assertion, we explained why the delays are happening and why they need to increase more than the coming months. Additionally, we are pleased to report that cashouts are enhancing considering that the assertion was formerly posted (unlike what the write-up suggested), with members now seeing more quickly cashouts than they have for months.

The situation stays our quantity one particular priority till it’s totally fixed. Indeed, we identify payment moments are an problem that requirements addressing (as we are) but that does not excuse the inaccuracies in that write-up.

To the statement questioning our motives, we say this: PAS has been proud to offer (and proceed to give) affiliate advertising and marketing providers for in excess of a million poker gamers and seven,000 publishers globally for over 8 years. Our popularity has remained unquestioned by any reputable market supply over this time. We have worked too hard and tirelessly to wander away or potentially wander absent from our organization duties of serving our publishers and members. That is NOT how we do business at PAS.

The article is a black eye on the business we’ve dedicated ourselves to bettering. Anything short of an apology as effectively as a retraction is only even more demonstration of the unprofessionalism proven by this competitor hence considerably.

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