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PKR Adjustments Affiliate Terms

A few weeks ago, PKR informed affiliates of some major changes to the affiliate terms and conditions that will affect how some affiliates market and are compensated for the players they send. The new language included verbiage on keywords as well as how inactive or dormant affiliates are handled by the PKR affiliate program. The changes are effective September 1st and can be viewed here.

Large and active affiliates such as Poker Affiliate Solutions (including PAS publishers) will not be affected by the new terms and conditions because of the volume of new signups brought to the poker room.

The PKR activity penalties for inactive affiliates will start when an affiliate has not sent any real money players for 3 months (“semi-inactive account”) and progresses up to “inactive account” (6 months with no new player sign-ups) and then to “dormant accounts” (no log-in or withdrawal for 12 months). Failure to send new players to PKR can lead to lowered commissions, inactivity fees and even closed accounts, depending on the level of the inactivity.

As with most affiliate term changes, these updates were not greeted warmly by affiliates. In a separate email, PKR responded to some of the criticism by maintaining that the changes “would have no little to effect on affiliates that continue to actively promote us.”

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