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South Position Casino Launching Nevada RMG Website

Cause for celebration at the South Point Casino.

South Point Casino is getting ready to launch, Real Gaming, its Nevada online poker product. The new, real money, poker room will replace South Point’s current free-to-play site.

When launched, Real Gaming will be the second real money, regulated online poker site serving Nevada residents. That’s got to be something of a disappointment to the company that procured the first online operator’s license ever issued in the United States. South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa proudly trumpeted its plans to be first-to-market, in a market where early birds will definitely be getting the worm.

South Point’s attempts at putting up a live online poker site have been hampered by delays in the testing process that suffocated their early lead in the Nevada market. That said, there’s every reason to believe they’ll make it this time. The company is facing a hard deadline to have all the testing done by August 1.

One company that will definitely be keeping a close on developments at South Point is Ultimate Poker. For the past few months they’ve been successfully operating Nevada’s only legal online poker site.

Now that they’ve finally got some competition industry watchers can expect to learn plenty about how viable the Nevada online poker market is going to be.

How do you think South Point’s entry will change the Nevada online poker market? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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